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The H 3 from Ingenieurbüro CAT M.Zipperer is used by our customers, often in chemistry and biology, for heating under personally adjustable temperature specifications.

Heating plates from Ingenieurbüro CAT M.Zipperer: For a safe, long-lasting heating of your material

The heating instruments of our popular manufacturer Ingenieurbüro CAT M.Zipperer are very popular with our customers for the most diverse laboratory activities. In addition to the continuously adjustable temperature between 40 °C and 400 °C, most models also have an LED display, a connection for a contact thermometer, a safety temperature setting, a timer function and interfaces for adapters. This ensures optimum heating of your vessels and the samples they contain. Heating plate shape: square
Heating points: single
Max. temperature: 400°C
Power: 600 W
Voltage: 115 V, 230 V
Temperature range: 40 – 400 °C

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Our trained MedSolut team wants to ensure that you receive the optimum heating plates for your work area. Do you have questions about the various products, their functions or the brand manufacturers?

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Material (plate)


Temperature max. (hot plat)


Dimensions of plate

135 x 135 mm

Shape of plate

quadratisch, square

Heating positions

einstellig, one place

Power (hot plate)

600 W

Voltage/Frequency (Hot plates)

115 V, 230 V

Temperature range (Hot plates)

40 – 400 °C