Thermconcept laboratory chamber furnaces, closed muffle KLS-M

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Thermconcept laboratory furnaces are used in a wide variety of applications. This also includes the production of different materials or material testing in laboratories.

KLS-M: The perfect technology for your laboratory equipment

The KLS-M from Thermconcept can be heated up to about 850 °C and is therefore suitable for applications such as preheating, aging, baking or drying. The housing of the KLS-M is made of strong sheet steel. The stainless steel inner housing is incomparably resistant to corrosion and heat. It is also characterized by a very long service life.

Depending on the oven model, you have the choice between several slide-in shelves. Low electricity costs and low energy consumption: the first-class insulation makes it possible. In addition, depending on the model, the ovens from Thermconcept have further equipment features, such as:

  • Robust heating elements with a long service life
  • A multi-sided heating
  • Powerful, horizontal air circulation
  • An even temperature distribution up to +/- 5 K according to DIN 17052
  • A base frame included in the standard delivery (KU 15/06/A as table model without base frame)
  • One lifting door with pneumatic drive
  • Supply and exhaust air flaps for faster ventilation (manually or automatically controlled)
  • A blower for better ventilation of the furnace chamber and for fast, controlled cooling
  • A manual or automatic gas supply system
  • Protective gas boxes
  • A semi-protective gas-tight design of the furnace housing
  • A modern control and monitoring software
  • A start-up circuit

Functions & dimensions

Furnace volume: 3 l, 2 l, 7 l
Furnace temperature max.: 1100°C, 1150°C, 1000°C
Power: 1,5 kW, 2,7 kW

You can find out even more about our appliances, the various models or our manufacturers by contacting our customer service.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Stove appliance type

chamber and muffle furnace, Kammer- / Muffelofen

Oven volume

2 l, 3 l, 7 l

Oven temperature max.

1000°C, 1100°C, 1150°C

Depth inside (oven)

140 mm, 200 mm, 280 mm

Height inside (oven)

100 mm, 110 mm

Power (oven)

1,5 kW, 15 kW, 2,7 kW

Width inside (oven)

100 mm, 140 mm, 210 mm

Width outside (oven)

320 mm, 550 mm

Depth outside (oven)

350 mm, 580 mm

Height outside (oven)

410 mm, 650 mm