SIGMA 8KS Stand Cooling Centrifuge

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8KS from Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges: Excellent centrifuge for your applications

With the 8KS from Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges, you ensure efficient work in the laboratory. You can make excellent use of the instrument for work in clinical laboratories, for use in blood banks, for DNA research or in medical diagnostics.

All our robust centrifuges are characterized by a long service life, a large number of passes at the highest permissible speeds and their robust construction. You can use the 8KS very flexibly and individually. The model is ideally suited for all types of separation processes. Depending on which model you choose, you can count on a colourful mix of additional features.

For example, most Sigma laboratory centrifuges come with features such as monitoring, a timer function or an acoustic alarm as well as a lid lock as standard. The user-friendly display allows you to choose exactly what you need from a wide range of programs. A sophisticated microprocessor control ensures a reliable workflow and control of the working process. An existing safety system regularly transmits information about error messages or malfunctions. Furthermore, the instrument has an energy-saving ventilation system that protects it from overheating.

Further features of this model

Centrifuge type: floor standing centrifuge
Dimensions (H x W x D): 980 x 810 x 910 mm
Display: TFT
Temperature range: -20 °C to +40 °C
Programs: 60
Control: Lockable control

Are you looking for a space-saving centrifuge model? Then the 8KS floor-standing centrifuge from Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges is the right choice for you, as its modern design allows it to be optimally moved and stowed away.

It works by exploiting the physical aspect of mass inertia and is used, among other things, for separating substances. It is thus used, for example, for the separation of gas mixtures, emulsions or suspensions.

The swing-out rotor 8KS can be used, for example, for semi-preparative but also for analytical separation applications.

Would you like to learn more about our numerous models or more detailed information about the SIGMA 8KS Stand Cooling Centrifuge?

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Additional information

Weight 534 kg
Rotor type

angle rotor, special rotor, swing-out rotor

G-force increments

10;1 xg

Capacity max.

12 l

Kinetic energy max.

279000 Nm

Short run


Power consumption (Centrifuges)

6500 W

Max. radius decreaseable  


Optical display stillstand


Programs (Centrifuges)


Rotors, pre programmed

All rotors pre programmed speed, g-force, radius 

Rotor temperature min.

less than 4 °C

Fast cool program

Rapid cool

Safety (Centrifuges)

4-digit code protection, free selectable, Pop up window end of rotor life time, Start refused with exceeded temperature tolerance, tolerance preselectable

Weight without rotor

420 kg

Signal length preselectable


Start delay


Controller (Centrifuges)

Control unit lockable

Standstill heating, switchable

yes, yes

Temperatur setting range

-20 °C to +40 °C

Temperature increments

1 °C

Switchable °C, °F


Time range

10 sec – 99 h 59 min, 10sec – 9h 59min

Time increments

60; 1 s

Timing after

set speed has been reached

Counting cycles

Counting cycles centrifuge, each rotor

Height with open lid

1690 mm

Noise level at max. speed

Rotor 11800: 69 dB (A), Rotor 12505: 73 dB (A)

Capacity of vessels

1 l, 1.3 l, 1.5 l, 1.5 ml, 10 ml, 100 ml, 12 ml, 125 ml, 15 ml, 175 ml, 2 ml, 200 ml, 25 ml, 250 ml, 30 ml, 4 ml, 40 ml, 5 ml, 50 ml, 500 ml, 7 ml, 80 ml, 85 ml

Acceleration curves, quadratic


Speed min.

100 rpm

Model of centrifuge

floorstanding centrifuge

Speed max.

10500 rpm

Cooling, heating


Dimensions (H x W x D) (Centrifuges)

980 x 810 x 910 mm

Acoustic signal, switchable


Display shows dimensions


Display speed / g-force

speed and g-force

Acceleration max.

Rotor 11800: 81 s, Rotor 12505: 80 s

Linear acceleration curves


Deceleration and brakeless

Combination from 1000 – 150 rpm selectable

User defined program name


Deceleration curves, linear


Deceleration curves, quadratic


Deceleration max.

Rotor 11800: 59 s, Rotor 12505: 75 s

Continous run


Lid release / lid open

Auto lid open, switchable, Auto lid release at the end of the run, switchable

Display (Centrifuges)


Speed increments (Centrifuges)

10; 1 rpm

Calculation for liquid density

>1,2 g/cm3

User defined acceleration curves


User defined deceleration curves