Liebherr LKv 5710 MediLine refrigerator



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Only safe temperature protection allows cell samples, human, animal and plant tissue, vaccines or reference strains of micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, viruses and fungi to be stored for long periods without any problems. TheLKv 5710 from Liebherr guarantees pleasant and safe working conditions and the correct storage of your materials.

Simple temperature control

Thanks to the easy-to-use control of the temperature, you can look forward to reliable storage of the contents. This is ensured by the included electronic system. A plus for safety: the key holder, which is also included, protects the programmed settings from tampering. The resulting uniform distribution of cool air and recirculating air cooling thus guarantee optimum storage.

Safe protection against minus temperatures: Thanks to the temperature control you are on the safe side and protect your substances against minus temperatures. All settings can be controlled via a membrane keypad even when wearing gloves. This device also has a temperature memory, in which both minimum and maximum temperatures can be stored.

High comfort through automatic defrosting

Are you missing a cooling unit that takes care of the defrosting process for you? Our team of experts will be happy to advise you free of charge on one of our many refrigerators, so that you can find a model to suit your requirements.

A true miracle of space!

Adjustable drawers allow you to customize the space inside the refrigerator to your liking. The interior of this appliance is clad in a durable stainless steel finish.

Self-closing door & economical energy consumption

Thanks to its self-closing door with iron-reducing sealing concept, the model blends in visually with your working space. The LKv 5710 lockable door also protects the contents from unauthorised use. Minimize your power consumption noticeably: Insulation of the door made of high-quality, insulating and environmentally friendly material makes it possible.

Modern alarm function offers protection in the event of malfunctions

Fluctuations in temperature or malfunctions? Don’t worry! In future, the acoustic and optical alarm signal will inform you of any sudden changes to the appliance! If unauthorized access occurs, an integrated alarm sounds after approx. 60 seconds. A monitoring unit can remain in operation for about 30 hours via the rechargeable battery. In the event of a power failure, the signal also remains active. Thus you remain informed about temperature changes or error messages.

Our trained service team will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the functions.

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Additional information

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 75 × 74.7 × 184.4 cm
Lowest temperature
Cooling technology

refrigerator and freezer

Scope of application

laboratory freezer

Glass door



yes (door)


acoustical, optical

Average consumption

1.200 kWh/24h

Depth (refrigerator)
Cooling capacity (gross)
Width (refrigerator)
Height (refrigerator)
Width inside (refrigerator)
Height inside (refrigerator)
Depth inside (refrigerator)