Liebherr LGv 5010 MediLine refrigerator and freezer


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Liebherr LGv 5010 MediLine – Refrigerator in a class of its own.

Discover Liebherr's high-quality MediLine refrigerators and find exactly the appliance that fits your application. For example, this model of the series is equipped withSmartMonitoring, has an alarm test function, a recirculating air cooling and of course an effective cooling system.

In addition, the unit comes with a serial bus interface and a temperature alarm. An environmentally friendly refrigerant is also used. The laboratory refrigerator can be operated in a temperature range from -9 °C to -35 °C. As you can see, the model has numerous useful functions. You can learn more about the details below.

Important features of the laboratory refrigerator

The LGv 5010 MediLine from Liebherr is perfectly suitable as a laboratory refrigerator. The unit has a factory right door hinge, but it can be easily changed to the left side. In this way, this piece of equipment for your laboratory remains very flexible and can be placed in any location.

One of the most important features of the cooling unit is the serial bus interface. This allows the unit to be connected to an external monitoring system. An interface converter retrofit kit is available as an optional accessory for this purpose. The interface allows up to 20 units to be connected in series. This is very important for large-scale laboratories that need to be monitored at all times. With the help of the LiebherrTemperature-Monitoring Software, alarms and also the temperature can be documented and archived.

This is also an important factor for laboratories involved in related research. When it comes to functions, the LGv 5010 MediLine shines above all with its integrated high-efficiency fans, which ensure rapid cooling and temperature control of freshly stored samples, medications, etc.. In addition, these fans ensure an even cooling temperature throughout the interior.

Great design & efficient interior

This refrigerator for the lab, which can also be used as a medicine refrigerator, is slim in design and has several levels or shelves on which the samples or the materials to be stored such as medicines etc. find their perfect place. The inner bins are of course non-slip and the overview of the samples, medications, etc. is optimal.

There are several compartments or inner containers as well as practical drawers in which the samples etc. can be stored. The grids areplastic-coated and made of steel. The compartments are not different in size, but have a very large capacity – of a total of 60 kilograms per inner container. The handle of this laboratory refrigerator is ergonomically shaped and has an opening mechanism. The net volume is around 337 liters.

Laboratory refrigerator compatible with SmartMonitoring

This unit from Liebherr is SmartMonitoring compatible. This software provides a comprehensive solution for documenting and monitoring the systems integrated in the unit, ensuring that numerous measurement and operating data can be read. Furthermore, alarm messages and general equipment statuses also run and can be read as part of SmartMonitoring.

A high level of safety

A high-quality safety package is built into the LGv 5010 MediLine. This mainly refers to the refrigerator's refrigeration system. The safety of the device is ensured by the fact that high-quality components such ascompressor, condenser and evaporatorand the other refrigeration components are installed here.

The aspect of safety through the exceptional quality of these components is so important for the reason that it must be ensured that thecooling function works excellently. A side effect of these qualitative components is that it results in a significant reduction in energy consumption, which is also accompanied by a reduction in the general operating costs in a laboratory.

Technical data at a glance

This MediLine refrigerator is an excellently equipped laboratory refrigerator. It is packed with features and is suitable for any type of laboratory.

Energy consumption, refrigerant and volume

The energy consumption of the Liebherr refrigerator is only 1,245 kWh/a with ausage volume of 337 liters. The unit has 8 drawers and 5 shelves. This means a lot of storage space for samples or for medications, etc. This unit is also economical because it uses R 290 refrigerant.

Dimensions and weight

A look at the dimensions proves that this device is also economical. The laboratory refrigerator only requires a footprint of 1844 mm x 751 mm x 750 mm and has an empty weight of just 114 kg without packaging. This makes it ideal for any working environment.

Cooling temperatures

The temperature at which this unit can be operated ranges from -9 °C to -35 °C. The maximum fluctuation is4.9 °C and the gradient is 5.8 °C.

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Additional information

Weight 124 kg
Dimensions 75 × 74.7 × 184.4 cm
Lowest temperature

– 35°C

Cooling technology

Kühl- und Gefrierschrank, refrigerator and freezer

Scope of application

laboratory freezer, Laborgefriergerät

Glass door

ohne, without


ja (Tür), yes (door)

automatic defrost

mit, with


acoustical, akustisch

Depth (refrigerator)

750 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

520 mm

Average consumption

3,410 kWh/24h, 3.410 kWh/24h

Width (refrigerator)

747 mm

Height (refrigerator)

1844 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

602 mm

Height inside (refrigerator)

1224 mm

Cooling capacity (gross)

337 l