Professional unit for large laboratories

The Liebherr LGPv 1420 MediLine was designed especially for laboratory purposes and contains various functions that make it a versatile product. For example, the device triggers an alarm when the ambient and especially temperature conditions are no longer optimal for the stored goods placed in the device (e.g. blood samples, vaccinesetc.). This guarantees a longer and safe preservation of your working materials.

Due to its special size and the double swing doors, the unit is especially suitable for larger work areas . For more information and to decide if it is the right product for your facility, our MedSolut team is always available for a consultation.

What makes the model stand out?

The device combines various valuable aspects and is not only technically up to date. It has a high-quality finish down to the last detail, is designed to meet professional needs and can therefore be used in various areas of a laboratory.

In this regard, the refrigerator has, among other things, arecirculation function, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently cool down the goods to the desired temperature level. In addition, the latest built-in cooling technology makes it possible to regulate the temperature very precisely. Furthermore, the freezer has the interface to Liebherr SmartMonitoring, which then (optionally) can be easily connected to device. This makes it possible to measure and document measurement and operating data.

Furthermore, the model has an alarm test function. This allows the function of any externally connected alarm system to be checked in advance. The alarm system itself can be set to ensure the safety and proper cooling of the stored samples. The alarm can be set individually for each product.

High-quality design & first-class quality

Furthermore, the cooling components are built into the top of the device, so that they are easily accessible through a removable flap. Among other things, this facilitates cleaning as well as maintenance of the cooling unit. Thus, it is possible to clean or repair the device without having to disassemble the entire freezer or move it.

Also, the smooth fronts and inner surfaces of the device make an easy cleaning process and working in particularly hygienic conditions possible.

Special technological features

The temperature display of this laboratory refrigerator is digitally controlled and can be viewed via the screen just mentioned above the doors. The alarm system, which as already mentioned is built into the device, makes an alarm visible with the help of acoustic and visual effects.

It is also interesting to mention that an alarm is triggered even after a power failure, up to 3 days after the power failure. This is to draw attention to the fact that the quality of the goods is now noticeably deteriorating and urgently needs to be checked .

SmartMonitoring compatibility

Yes, the use of SmartMonitoring is possible and can be easily connected to this device. Smart-Monitoring enables you not only to monitor the cooling and quality of the goods, but also to document it. For example, the alarm displays, temperatures and measurement and operating data are documented.

Important information with a view to safety

To ensure that products are stored appropriately, Liebherr's MediLine unit is equipped with an alarm system. In the event of an alarm, the screen above the door displays an icon and draws attention to the problem. In addition, this display also allows you to see where the error or problem is located and subsequently fix it easier or faster.

You also don't have to worry about not noticing the digital and visual alarm. This is taken care of by the acoustic alarm. This allows you to hear that something is wrong or that there is an error message, even from a distance.

Further technical details

The Liebherr refrigerator convinces especially by its special size. The dimensions are 215 cm x 83 cm x 143 cm with a total weight of about 262 kg. The robust model has a generous cooling volume of about 1427 liters – here you are guaranteed to find room for all your materials to be stored.

The control of the Liebherr refrigerator is electronic and thus very modern. In general, the entire technology of the device is built on the manufacturer's many years of research. With the help of dynamic cooling, it is also possible to cool down the stored substances to the desired temperature range very quickly. The specified temperature range for this model is a maximum of9 °C and can be cooled down to a maximum of -26 °C.

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Additional information

Weight 262 kg
Cooling technology

Tiefkühlschrank, upright freezer

Cooling (Cooling technology)

dynamic (circulation cooling), dynamisch (Umluftkühlung)

Cooling capacity (gross)

1427 l

Height inside (refrigerator)

1550 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

1250 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

700 mm

Depth (refrigerator)

830 mm

Height (refrigerator)

2150 mm

Width (refrigerator)

1430 mm

Average consumption

8,887 kWh/24h, 8.887 kWh/24h

Lowest temperature

– 26°C


akustisch, optical, optisch

automatic defrost

mit, with


ja (Tür), yes (door)

Glass door

ohne, without

Scope of application

laboratory freezer, Laborgefriergerät

Explosion proof

nein, no