Liebherr Laboratory Refrigerator LKPv 1420 MediLine



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This device meets high demands

The Liebherr LKPv 1420 MediLine is a first-class laboratory device in which you can excellently store medications, but also samples. This model from the house has a versatile range of applications. Thus, in addition to laboratory work and medicine, it is particularly suitable for the food industry and catering. But also in pharmacies, the device is used steadily for the storage of medicines.

Find out here whether this device is also the right one for your requirements. In addition, we are always available for a consultation.

Features that inspire

This popular MedilLine refrigerator comes with practical castors and for this reason is perfectly suitable for even narrow storage rooms in practices and pharmacies, as it can be moved flexibly without any problems thanks to the castors.

The device operates in a temperature range from approx. -2°C to +16°C. You can set your desired temperature using the keys or the display. Thereupon, the desired temperature is excellently maintained thanks to the highly efficient fans. On the one hand, these ensure fast cooling of the freshly stored goods and, on the other hand, a long-lasting uniform cooling temperature in the entire interior.

The professional electronics are complemented by the digital temperature display, which shows you the internal temperature of the unit down to the degree and keeps you informed of any fluctuations. This way, you always have a good overview of the device temperature. The display is very clearly designed and through this the complete control of the device works quite intuitively.

This item also has a visual and audible alarm, as well as the possibility of a test run of the functionality of the internal and externally connected alarm device.

Functional outside and inside

The side panels of this device are made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to the white color of the housing, the LKPv 1420 fits perfectly into your laboratory furnishings. The door from this model is also made of steel, featuring aSwingLine design with light edges on the sides and an ergonomic handle. A lock for additional security of the unit is also provided.

In the refrigerator section, there are eight shelves that are adjustable in height for even more flexibility. The shelves are easy-to-clean, plastic-coated grates. The inner container is made of robust and easy-to-clean chrome-nickel steel.

Excellent technology and easy handling

This unit from Liebherr has particularly high-quality components such ascompressors, condensers, evaporatorsand other refrigeration components. These all contribute to very low energy consumption.

The unit is easy to operate using the buttons on the control panel. Thehinged machine room panel ensures that the refrigeration components are safely housed and can be cleaned without any problems. Also integrated is a digital temperature display on the outside of the unit, which shows you the internal temperature to the nearest degree.

This way, you can get a quick overview of the device temperature at any time. Thanks to the serial interface, which is available on the device, it is possible to retrofit SmartMonitoring without any problems. In order to be able to move this model from one place to another, it hascastors in the front and in the back.

Compatible and retrofittable for SmartMonitoring

This laboratory refrigerator canbe retrofitted with Liebherr SmartMonitoring. The corresponding interface is available on the unit. Our team will be happy to help you set up the system.

High security available

The internal and external alarm functions can be tested by means of a test run . The cooling of this device is not interrupted in the process. And even if there is a power failure, the cooling will be maintained, for 72 hours after the power failure.

For safety, when this unit is moved by means of the casters, it also has a parking brake, which is placed in the front and protects the model from rolling back and forth. For safety and for maximum energy efficiency also provides automatic defrosting of the cooling section. Here, only the touch of a button is enough.

The technical details at a glance

This MediLine refrigerator has some technical data that will tell you whether it can be optimally adapted to your individual needs or fit into your laboratory environment.

Dimensions & Weight

This refrigerator has a size of 216 cm x 143 cm x 83 cm. This makes this unit a very compact laboratory refrigerator that can fit into almost any medium to large sized work environment. The weight of this unit is 60 kg. Thanks to the swivel casters, it is possible to conveniently move this unit from A to B.

Gentle refrigerant & high energy efficiency

Per year, this item consumes about 714 kWh. This is a consumption that can be considered very favorable. The refrigerant used for this unit is the RS 485, which is an efficient refrigerant that is also environmentally friendly. So you can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Consultation is everything

Are you still not sure whether the Liebherr LKPv 1420 MediLine with all its functions is really the right appliance for you? Or do you still have specific questions about the appliance? No problem! Our competent team of consultants is available around the clock to answer all your questions. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 254 kg
Cooling technology

Kühlschrank, refrigerator

Cooling (Cooling technology)

dynamic (circulation cooling), dynamisch (Umluftkühlung)

Height inside (refrigerator)

1550 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

1250 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

700 mm

Depth (refrigerator)

830 mm

Height (refrigerator)

2150 mm

Width (refrigerator)

1430 mm

Average consumption

2,297 kWh/24h, 2.297 kWh/24h

Lowest temperature



akustisch, optical, optisch

automatic defrost

mit, with


ja (Tür), yes (door)

Glass door

ohne, without

Scope of application

laboratory refrigerator, Laborkühlschrank

Explosion proof

nein, no

Cooling capacity (gross)

1427 l