Discover the professional cooling unit for laboratory & industry

Do you want to store samples and other working materials safely and properly in the laboratory? For this purpose, a conventional freezer is not enough, as it cannot meet these professional specifications and needs. Our brand manufacturer Liebherr has a wide range of refrigerators for precisely these special requirements.

The Liebherr LGPv 6520 MediLine is equipped with many features that make it a wise investment and ensure that your stored goods are kept in the best possible way. Discover it for yourself!

Special features of the model

This Liebherr MediLine appliance is a large, spacious refrigerator designed especially for professional use in large laboratories or medical application areas. Due to the different shelves in the unit, medication and samples can be stored in a clear and orderly manner.

The easily removable flap on the top of the refrigerator allows you to reach the cooling components very easily, which is a useful design especially in terms of hygiene and maintenance. Furthermore, this model has the dynamic convection cooling, which allows the temperature inside does not fluctuate, but remains constant at the level at which it was set.

SwingLine technology serves as a visual eye-catcher, where the outer edges of the door are rimmed with LED lights, which also makes the unit aesthetically eye-catching. Various alarm functions also ensure a high level of security for this model.

Modern design & spacious interior

In addition to the elegant SwingLine door, the unit impresses with a robust texture and materials made of white steel, as well as a practical LED interior lighting. The ergonomic handle strip, which extends over the entire door height, provides even more ergonomics.

Inside, the refrigerator is divided by four height-adjustable shelves . This allows you to optimally sort your stored goods and arrange them according to individual preferences. The shelves are made of a high-quality, easy-to-clean synthetic coating.

The freezer is on casters, which not only makes it easy to move, but also ensures better hygiene at the workplace due to the distance to the floor. This is because the space can now be cleaned excellently.

Reliable technologies

The efficient cooling system comes with innovative technologies that greatly increase the enjoyment of work. In addition to the design features that make the unit stand out visually, the model is particularly impressive with its outstanding professional electronics and special interfaces for data monitoring and documentation.

For example, the laboratory refrigerator is compatible with the manufacturer's SmartMonitoring system, through which important temperature data can be recorded, stored and monitored. This system also lets you know how often a temperature alarm has been triggered or what fluctuations there are in terms of temperature. The alarm makes itself felt both visually and acoustically. This increases the chances that someone will quickly notice and be able to fix the problem. Optionally, you can be notified via SMS or e-mail and thus never miss an error message again.

For a long-lasting, constant temperature in the interior, the device has a dynamic convection cooling. This allows even newly stored samples to be quickly cooled down to the desired temperature level. The digital display on the outside of the model also shows you the internal temperature to within 1/10 °C at all times.

High safety standards

The unit features the latest technologies and safety precautions in refrigeration, making it perfect for use in the lab. However, if anything is damaged or irregularities are present, you will be automatically alerted by thetemperature alarm.

This emits both visual and audible warning signals, which are intended to draw attention to the temperature fluctuation in the interior. Even in the event of a power failure, the data is stored for up to 72 hours and your device continues to operate on battery power. This is to quickly fix the problem before what was stored inside is no longer usable.

An overview of the most important technical data

This item consumes about 3.743 kWh per day, and this is due to the latest cooling technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants that limit excessive and unnecessary energy consumption. The spacious unit has external dimensions of 216 cm x 70 cm x 83 cm and comes with a gross weight of 162 kg. Due to the fact that the unit is on casters, it can be easily moved back and forth, creating flexible options in the workplace.

The temperature can be adjusted on the outside via a digital display. The temperature range is between -9 °C to -35 °C, which means that not only can samples and materials be cooled here, but also frozen.

Your professional cooling unit – We will be happy to advise you!

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Additional information

Weight 171 kg
Cooling technology

Tiefkühlschrank, upright freezer

Lowest temperature

– 35°C

Explosion proof

nein, no

Scope of application

laboratory freezer, Laborgefriergerät

Glass door

ohne, without


ja (Tür), yes (door)

automatic defrost

mit, with


akustisch, optical, optisch

Average consumption

4,715 kWh/24h, 4.715 kWh/24h

Cooling (Cooling technology)

dynamic (circulation cooling), dynamisch (Umluftkühlung)

Width (refrigerator)

700 mm

Height (refrigerator)

2150 mm

Depth (refrigerator)

830 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

700 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

520 mm

Height inside (refrigerator)

1550 mm

Cooling capacity (gross)

601 l