KNF LIQUIPORT Diaphragm Liquid Pump NF 100

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KNF NF 100 Diaphragm Pump for Pumping Liquids

KNF NF 100 diaphragm pumps are suitable for dosing and pumping liquids in laboratories. These can be neutral or aggressive media. These are not contaminated in the process. The pumps are maintenance-free and available in various control options and motors.

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Functions and features

The devices in this product series can be used to convey or meter neutral and aggressive media. The pumping range varies from 0.2 to 3 liters per minute. The pump is self-priming and safe to run dry. It is controlled by pulse.

It is used in medical technology, agriculture, for cleaning and disinfection, in the food and beverage industry or in instrumental analysis.

Design and equipment

The devices are characterized by very high reliability and can convey various media without contaminating them. Maintenance is not required. The materials from which the devices are made are highly resistant to aggressive liquids. The motor can be parameterized in a digital way.

The models are self-priming and have a relief valve. Furthermore, they have received an NSF certificate and are dry-running safe. The design of the units is black-blue.

Practical functions

The maximum operating pressure is specified as one bar, and the maximum suction height is three meters. As for the materials for the valves, you can choose between FFKM and EPDM. The materials of the pump heads can be PP, PTFE or PVDF , and the diaphragms are made of PTFE. When it comes to the motor, you can choose a brushless DC motor, AC or DC.

The allowed ambient temperature is between +5 °C and +40 °C, while the allowed media temperature varies between +5 °C and 80 °C. The noise level is specified as 40 dBA. The rated speed is 3,000 rpm. The power supply and pump are equipped with electronic overload protection.

Additional technical details

We would like to give you some more technical details that are important for you. We list these in a short overview.

The dimensions of the devices are 130 mm x 99 mm x 177 mm, the weight is 1 kg. The manufacturer specifies a maximum current consumption of 0.5 amps. The pump itself belongs to the IP 65 protection class, and the power supply unit to IP 40. Devices that belong to IP 65 are completely protected from contact.

They are also protected from dust in the amount that can cause damage to the device. On top of that, the IP 65 protection class states that devices of this type have protection against water jets . These may also be used outdoors.

Models assigned to IP 40 protection are protected from contact with wires and tools with a diameter of +/-1 mm in diameter . However, protection against the impact of foreign bodies does not exist. In addition, protection against water is also not provided for IP 40 devices. Therefore, a particularly careful working method is required here to protect against hazards.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Model of pump

diaphragm pump, Membranpumpe

Max. Conveying capacity

1,3 l/min