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SemiChill from JULABO: versatile solution for your laboratory

The Julabo SemiChill is a reliable recirculating chiller. This SemiChill unit convinces with maximum robustness and easy operation. Even in continuous operation and in really harsh environmental conditions, this unit can be used perfectly.

All parts that come into contact with the temperature control liquid are either made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic. The SemiChill features a modular concept and thus allows an individual unit configuration according to your requirements. This recirculating chiller is designed for highest requirements in industrial use.

Special features

This model series offers short cooling times and at the same time a high efficiency as well as an economical alternative to cooling with appropriate tap water. With its compact design, the unit can be installed in a space-saving manner. This unit has a bright LED temperature display, which is easy to read even from a distance.

Some models in this series (with the type suffix "W") are low-noise water-cooled and produce very little waste heat. There are warning and safety functions for reliable continuous operation. A filler opening allows quick filling and a drain cock allows uncomplicated draining of the recirculating chiller.

There are other devices from the manufacturer available in addition to this model. For example, there are the Julabo FC and the Julabo FL with different cooling capacities.

High quality, functional design

The device corresponds to modern, functional design. Thus, the recirculating chiller is located on casters, with which it can be moved comfortably. At the front there are struts for dust collection, which can be easily cleaned.

An on/off button can be operated and there is also an LED display and corresponding input keypad.

The model is whisper quiet with a really low noise level. It uses an ATC3 3-point calibration. Thus, this model works with a precise PID temperature control. This unit meets the most demanding requirements in the semiconductor industry and in truly "harsh" environments.

The integrated handles and casters allow the unit to be moved quickly and easily. There is an industrial power switch and an emergency stop.

Technical data

The dimensions of the model are 49 cm x 62 cm x 105 cm. The weight is 123 kilograms. The working temperature range is between +5 °C and +35 °C (standard) and between -20 and 80 °C (option). The temperature constancy is +/-0.1 °C.

The setting/display resolution is at 0.1 °C. The integrated programmer is at 1×10 steps. The LED display is easy to read. The heating capacity is at 0 (standard) and 1 (option). Refrigeration capacity with ethanol medium is at 20 °C, 0 °C and -10 °C at 2.5 kW, 1.5 kW and 0.9 kW. The pump capacity is 33 liters per minute for the medium flow.

The pumping pressure is 3,5 bar. The bath opening has the diameter of 7 cm. The pump connection thread is at NPT ¾". The hose olives have the diameter of ¾". The filling volume is between 21 and 33 liters. The refrigerant is R404A. A Pt100 external sensor connection and RS 232 interface are provided.

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