Huber Minichiller, compact circulating coolers with heater

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Powerful temperature control tasks with the Minichiller from Huber

Our customers use the Huber Minichiller mainly in microbiological, histological, clinical, industrial and environmental laboratories. It offers special help in sample preparation, reactor temperature control, material stress tests or temperature simulation.

Huber thermostats come in a wide variety of models and have additional functional features depending on the model type. The basic equipment includes points such as:

  • short heating/cooling times
  • wide temperature range
  • durable construction
  • USB interface and software
  • ventilation
  • user-friendly menu & operation
  • Individual setting options
  • High temperature stability
  • complies with all applicable directives and standards
  • several programme plans available
  • digital display
  • Robust housing parts
  • Low-noise and low-maintenance

Discover the Minichiller

Thermostat type: recirculating chiller, circulating chillerMax. temperature: +100C

The Minichiller circulating chiller is not only impressive because of its compact design and small footprint.

Our trained service team will be pleased to provide you with information on additional functions and features at any time.

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Additional information

Thermostat Temperature max.


Lowest temperature (cooling function)



cooling, heating, heizen, kühlen


Umlaufkühler, Umwälzkühler


natural refrigerant, natürliches Kältemittel

Refrigeration machine

air-cooled, luftgekühlt, wassergekühlt, water-cooled