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Julabo FC: Powerful solution for your laboratory tasks

The Julabo FC is available air- or water-cooled. The compact design allows this high-quality laboratory instrument to fit under any laboratory bench. The multi-display with LED operation allows good readability even at a greater distance. The high-quality FC is used for heating and cooling and can be used for versatile tasks in industry and in the laboratory.

This ergonomically designed device is used for heating and cooling in industry and laboratory. Due to its numerous features, the model can be used in various fields.

The advantages of the device

Those devices of the FC series that are marked with a "W" are cooled with water and therefore work particularly quietly. Short cooling times, high efficiency and cost-effective cooling without expensive tap water make this circulator optimal for industry and any laboratory.

This chiller has a high level of safety and numerous practical features that make working in the laboratory and industry easier.

The technical features

The capacity of the model is 8 liters. The circulating cooler is certified according to CE. The cooling capacity is 0, 1 kW at -10 °C, 0.3 kW at 5 °C, 0.37 kW at 10 C and 0.5 kW at 20 °C.

The flow rate is 22 l/min. The temperature range is between 5 °C and 40 °C. Heating power is 1.2 kW and maximum pressure is 17.4 psi.

Temperature accuracy and stability is excellent at ±0.2 °C. The dimensions are 54 cm x 35 cm x 49 cm. With a weight of 44 kg, the device is quite stable.

The voltage is 230 C and frequency 60 Hz. The supply and return temperatures can be adjusted in proportion. A special filling system is available for filling.

The keyboard is splash-proof. On the front side there is a practical filling level indicator. The ventilation grille can be removed for cleaning. Temperature fluctuations can be easily corrected with the ATC function.

The safety of the high-quality recirculating chiller

The practical self-test when switching on, as well as the pump and compressor protection, the all-pole disconnection in case of alarm and the sensor operation monitoring guarantee a high level of safety protection. In addition, the FC is equipped with over- and under-temperature warning functions and freeze and dry-boil protection . This ensures constant pressure output, working temperature and no contamination during operation.

Each of these practical safety functions must be checked regularly to ensure that they take effect in an emergency or reliably perform their function every day. That's where the DGUV V3 mandatory inspection comes in. This ensures that the device is also safe and in working order.

The filling system enables fast and uncomplicated work. To prevent clogging, it must be cleaned regularly. Contamination falsifies the test results and measured values. Therefore, a VDE test is essential.

The electrical equipment test also ensures that pump performance does not drop or that the all-pole shutdown functions in the event of an alarm. Operational safety and employee protection are always the top priority for this manufacturer's equipment.

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