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Why do you need pure water systems?

Pure water systems from the MedSolut range are not only used in professionally equipped laboratories, they are also becoming increasingly important in industry and commerce. Because their procedure is efficient and thus particularly cost- and time-saving. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the advantages of modern clean water systems:


As a rule, pure water is used to carry out tests and experiments. This is because minerals and other ingredients could influence or falsify the results. Ultrapure water is also indispensable for preparing medical or bacteriological samples or for making ointments and reagents.

Medical practices

Hygiene plays a central role in medical practices. None in the drinking water are of course counterproductive here. Therefore, our customers in these areas cannot do without the use of pure water systems, especially because the space in medical practices is often limited and such a system offers the optimal solution here.

Car workshops

The surface of vehicles is very sensitive. Minerals and limescale can have a lasting effect on the cleaning results. That is why more and more car repair shops are using 100 percent demineralised water for car cleaning.


In aquaristics as well as in zoos and other institutions, pure water systems are used that generate pure water with the help of reverse osmosis. The fewer pollutants the water contains, the more likely it is to have a positive effect on the animals’ quality of life.


Water must be absolutely pure for cleaning surfaces and containers, but also for splashing wounds during surgical procedures. Therefore, clean water systems are indispensable in hospitals.

Solar systems

Modern pure water systems produce 100 percent pure water through the ion exchange process. They thus remove all minerals from the classic tap water. This makes the surface of solar systems absolutely streak-free clean.

Windows and doors

Glass windows and doors on private and public buildings become streak-free and clean without polishing thanks to the use of innovative pure water systems from the MedSolut portfolio. Even stripping or dry cleaning is not necessary. This saves time and money.

Clean water system: set-up and routine

Find the pure water system that perfectly suits your laboratory or company on If you have any questions about water treatment in the laboratory, we are always happy to help. Use your pure water system to produce pure or demineralised water accurately and sustainably.

Purification at the highest level

In the production of pure water, the osmosis filter process uses innovative deionisation filters to remove all inorganic substances from the water. This removes anions and cations from the water.

The result is a very strong purification effect. When the TDS value of the pure water is 0 ppm , we are talking about 100 per cent demineralised, pure water. In any case, the use of innovative pure water systems is part of a routine working method in modern laboratories, medical practices and companies.

Note from your MedSolut experts:

Impurities in water are called TDS or total dissolved solids. They are measured in ppm, or “parts per million”. For professional glass cleaning, a TDS value of 10 to a maximum of 15 ppm is recommended.

Types of water treatment by pure water systems

There are different ways of treating water. Innovative purification systems primarily use the following methods:


Distillation is the classic method for treating water. It is a thermal separation process that is used to collect the pure water after evaporation and thus after the separation of minerals and other substances by condensation. Discover the most modern pure water systems in our online catalogue, which are characterised by their high functionality.


Filtration is used to remove the most gel-like, coarsely dispersed substances from water. If you have any questions about this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Deionisation plays a central role in the dehydration, desalination or decarbonisation of water. So-called ion exchange resins are used to eliminate cations and anions.

Reverse osmosis

In medicine as well as in everyday laboratory work, reverse osmosis is used as a preliminary stage in the production of ultrapure water. The process is highly complex. However, if you order a pure water system from our store, you will be impressed by the simple and user-friendly design.

Important purchase criteria for pure water systems

We recommend that you look carefully when buying a pure water system. This is because there are several criteria to consider in order to find the perfect device for your laboratory, institute or company at For example, not only is the right water source crucial in this context, but also the following factors:

Water supply

Depending on the form of water supply in your house, a different pure water system is the right choice. Whether it’s the classic water pipe or a specially designed pump , you can find the perfect pure water system with just a few clicks.

Reverse osmosis system

A reverse osmosis system is usually used in laboratories and medical areas in combination with pure water systems that use other forms of water treatment. Here, for example, distillation or deionisation come into consideration. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Ion exchanger

A pure water system that uses reverse osmosis to produce pure water is only suitable to a limited extent for laboratories and the entire medical sector. This is because ions are exchanged, but not eliminated. The degree of water hydration is also retained.

Medical technology

Reverse osmosis in medical technology is merely a preliminary stage in the production of ultrapure water. Whether for dialysis or for injecting water into the body, the liquid must meet strict specifications.

Storage tankgren

Experience has shown that comprehensive storage tank limits are required in hospitals and car factories as well as in the solar industry. In laboratories and doctors’ surgeries, on the other hand, you can get by with a clean water system that has a smaller storage tank size. This aspect plays an important role with regard to hygiene and space saving.

Supply quantities

How much ultrapure water does your laboratory or company use on a daily basis? The respective purchase quantities play an important role in the selection of a pure water system, since the individual devices produce corresponding quantities of ultrapure water depending on demand .

Pure water systems at Medsolut

Demanding corporate customers benefit from a professional range of pure water systems of excellent quality at It goes without saying that we only offer high-quality systems from selected brand manufacturers:


For almost 30 years, the internationally renowned company Biosan has been known for outstanding innovations in the laboratory technology industry. The company was founded by the molecular biologist Vasily Bankovsky and Svetlana Bankovska. From its headquarters in Latvia, Biosan laboratory technologies are distributed to laboratories and companies all over the world.


Elga Labwater Deutschland, based in Celle, Germany, has always supplied numerous laboratories worldwide with excellently designed, high-performance pure and ultrapure water systems. Over time, Elga has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and offers a comprehensive product and service portfolio.

The right pure water system for your purposes at MedSolut

Find the clean water system that best suits your daily work in the laboratory, institute or company at Our comprehensive range of services will inspire you. Just like the professional advice from our qualified experts. Call us or write to us at [email protected] if you would like to find out more about pure and ultrapure water systems. What can we do for you?