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Use of circulators

Depending on the model, a circulator is used both in material testing and in basic research with a view to use in technical equipment and systems.

Depending on the project and the field of work, a circulator ensures an excellent heat exchange as well as heating and cooling of the individual media as required. Fast heating times and the associated high efficiency further enhance every laboratory thermostat from the renowned manufacturers at

Various models of circulators

At you will find different types of circulators in excellent quality for every need and every work area. Contact us for professional assistance in finding the perfect circulator.

Circulators or Circulator Thermostats

Our extensive range includes high quality circulators and circulators for a wide variety of laboratory and research applications. Efficient cooling for open and closed applications with temperatures tailored to your needs is thus guaranteed for each of your projects or plans in the laboratory.

Closed-circuit systems

When you choose closed-circuit systems, you benefit from reduced water consumption in your laboratory, institute or company. In this respect, systems in this product category represent an environmentally oriented solution with high economic benefits.

Open circulation systems

If media are to be circulated against a certain pressure influence, as is the case when water flows into an elevated basin, for example, we are talking about open systems. Open circulation systems, which you can order at, are characterised by the fact that they can already convey at a low pressure influence. For all fillings of so-called high tanks, the functional circulation systems of renowned brand manufacturers are absolutely recommendable.

Circulating coolers

Visit to get an idea of the high-performance recirculating chillers for a wide range of applications. They offer you particularly short cooling times, impress with their compact design and are also characterised by their high efficiency. This makes them a real asset in everyday laboratory use.

Immersion circulators

The innovative single-use thermostats on are perfect for precise temperature control of any laboratory vessel. With the help of flexible screw clamps, the brand-name single-use thermostats can be conveniently mounted on a wide variety of vessels. Please do not hesitate to contact us. In any case, we have the ideal solution for you when it comes to insertion thermostats.

Air-conditioning circulators

The functional air-conditioning circulators from selected brand manufacturers offer you a number of advantages. They guarantee efficient cooling for both closed and open applications with project-oriented temperatures. Whether for standard processes or routine work in industry, research or science, we have the right cooling circulators for you.

Heat circulators

A heat circulator is specially designed for temperature control of externally connected applications. Especially for applications with small volumes, the compact heat circulators are optimally designed. Whether for internal or external temperature control applications, you will benefit from powerful heating performance in your laboratory or company.

Important criteria when selecting your circulator

When purchasing a new circulator, it is important to proceed with care and consideration. The following criteria are essential when purchasing a circulator:


Continuous monitoring is important for a circulator to prevent error messages. This is because these could render the reaction processes unusable. Valuable resources would be wasted. Therefore, your circulator should have special control and monitoring tools that can be used to program and, ideally, remotely maintain processes.

Additional data documentation offers the advantage that you can check at any time whether the desired results are being achieved. Learn about the functional control and monitoring technologies in circulators that allow you to communicate, automate and duplicate as needed.


Make sure your new circulator is individually programmable. This will ensure that each instrument is at the optimum temperature for the intended period of time. Most circulators today are equipped with programming functions as standard. We would also be pleased to inform you about corresponding software solutions.

Remote control

Make the circulator easier to use with a remote control that allows you and your team to control the system without having to access it directly. Whether wired or wireless, has a customised solution for your workspace.


Choose your circulator to suit your space. Note that many models require additional space for ventilation to ensure adequate circulation. Call us or write to us if you would like professional advice.

High Quality Circulators from IKA at MedSolut

At we only work with reputable brand manufacturers. One of these companies is the IKA Group. It is an internationally renowned company whose history dates back to 1910. The extensive product and innovation portfolio has always stood for first class, value and solidity. Today, more than 900 dedicated employees work for IKA at eight locations on four continents.

Well-known global corporations such as Bayer, Procter & Gamble and BASF are among the company’s customers. “Designed to work perfectly” is IKA’s corporate philosophy and at the same time its promise to quality-conscious customers all over the world.

Therefore, when you buy a circulator thermostat from IKA, you can be sure of receiving the best quality at top conditions. We will be happy to show you which IKA product is perfect for your laboratory or company.

Order circulators for your needs at MedSolut

Order your circulator directly from the MedSolut online catalogue. The excellent brand quality will inspire you. You are also welcome to take advantage of our expert advice and the many other benefits we have to offer. Give us a call (+49 30 209 657 900) or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We are there for you every day!