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Julabo SL cryogenic circulator

The Julabo SL cryogenic circulators are a successful product series of cryogenic circulators for low temperatures below -50 °C. The HL and SL circulators are equipped with powerful pressure and suction pumps. The HL and SL thermostats are equipped with powerful pressure and suction pumps. These devices thus offer the full range of functions of the professional high-tech thermostat series.

Energy-efficient solution for all laboratories

The most important feature of these devices is certainly the outstandingly low temperature that can be achieved with the help of such a cryogenic thermostat. At an ambient temperature of 5 °C to 40 °C, the cryogenic thermostat can cool down to temperatures ranging from – 51 °C to – 90 °C, depending on which version of this device is selected. For example, the FP51-SL version creates a cryogenic temperature of – 51 °C and the FP90-SL creates a cryogenic temperature of – 90 °C. In addition, the devices create a high energy efficiency.

The series also includes the FP51-SL, FP52-SL and FP90-SL models. These devices differ mainly in the lowest temperature that can then be achieved with these devices. The operation is practically the same here. The professional high-tech thermostat series is indispensable for scientific research at ultra-low temperatures and for cooling substances.

Design & Interior / Equipment

The design is a modern rolling container with ample space inside. A display allows playback to information of cooling capacity and desired target temperature.

The stainless steel bath is robust and provides ample space for fabrics that need to be cooled down. The filling volume depends on the version of the model series and offers 22 liters of space for the FP90-SL.

Are there any special technologies that are used?

Self-optimizing ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control) temperature control is used. There is the TCF (the so-called Temperature Control Features) for optimization of the control behavior. Proportional cooling capacity control is also important.

Technical data at a glance

The units are well-engineered products that provide tremendous cooling performance. Depending on the model of the series, the working temperature, the charging volume and the dimensions of the unit differ. The model FP90-SL has a filling volume of 22 liters with the dimensions of (W x D x H) 59 cm x 76 cm x 116 cm. The usable bath opening is at (W x D / BT) 28 cm x 23 / 20 cm.

The pump capacity delivery pressure is at 0.4 to 0.7 bar. The pump capacity flow rate is 22 to 26 liters per minute. The working temperature range is from – 90°C to +100 °C. There is an LCD dialog display for interactive operator guidance in plain text. An RS232/RS485 interface is used for online communication. An integrated programmer for 6 x 60 program steps is available. There are Stakei sockets for a cooling water solenoid valve and an HSP booster pump.

Proportional refrigeration capacity control is efficient. The temperature constancy is between +/- 0.05 °C. The heating capacity is 3 kW. The weight of the whole unit is 201 kg. The pump connection thread is a M16x1 male thread.

The temperature display resolution is 0.01 °C and thus really quite accurate. The ambient temperature may be between +5 to +40 °C. The current consumption is 22 amps. The maximum suction power is 0.2 to 0.4 bar. The cooling of the refrigerating machine is 2-stage. The IP classification according to IEC 60529 is IP 21. There is a Pt100 external sensor connection.

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