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With you have a competent partner for the equipment of your laboratory at your side. You will only find fume cupboards from the market leaders and always in the highest quality. Every fume cupboard is standardised according to DIN EN 14175 and meets the guidelines for safe working in the laboratory.

In our manufacturer catalogue, we carry numerous well-known brands, for example:

  • asecos
  • biomedis,
  • Kttermann
  • Waldner
  • Hemling

With a fume cupboard from ENVAIR or a fume cupboard from asecos, you can optimally set up your laboratory according to your requirements. You will also make an excellent choice with a fume cupboard from Waldner, the European market leader.

Types of fume cupboards

Depending on the field of application, fume cupboards have to fulfil very different requirements. The space required in the fume cupboard, the flexibility of the application possibilities and the type of chemicals used play a particularly important role.

Table fume cupboard

A benchtop fume cupboard is the best choice for universal tasks in the laboratory. It consists of a worktop at a comfortable working height, which is protected on all sides by walls. The front can be opened and closed by means of a sliding mechanism. An extraction system ensures that any vapours or dust produced are extracted directly from the interior of the fume cupboard.

Walk-in chemical fume cupboard

If a large working height is required, e.g. for chromatography or distillation equipment, a walk-in chemical fume cupboard is the optimum solution. Here, the corresponding large superstructures can be pushed directly and barrier-free into the interior of the fume cupboard. By closing the floor-to-ceiling sash, the protection of employees from potentially occurring gases or dust is ensured.

Pharmacy fume cupboard

The pharmacy fume cupboard has been specially developed for handling less toxic hazardous substances. It is particularly suitable for dusty and volatile chemicals typically found in the pharmacy environment. The small fume cupboard is particularly space-saving and can therefore be used flexibly and also meets the requirements of the pharmacy operating regulations.

Small fume cupboard

Small and mobile fume cupboards are the first choice for particularly flexible and space-saving applications. Although the fume cupboard is small, it meets all the necessary standard requirements. Thanks to its high mobility and small size, it can be set up wherever it is needed. Flexible connections then allow full functionality at the new location.

Exhaust fume hood

For particularly high chemical loads, such as the fumigation of strong acids, a fume hood should be used. The interior of the fume cupboard is lined with particularly resistant materials that offer excellent resistance to acid attacks, among other things. The special construction is also suitable for working under high thermal load.

Radionuclide fume cupboard

If it is necessary to handle radioactive substances, conventional laboratory fume cupboards are usually not suitable. The special radionuclide fume cupboards are designed specifically for this type of work. They are made of materials that are particularly easy to decontaminate, such as stainless steel, and have special radiation protection equipment.

Fume cupboard for the laboratory from Your advantages

If you would like to order a fume cupboard for the laboratory, you can benefit from the advantages of As a specialist retailer for professionals, it is important to us to always meet the high demands of our customers.

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High quality & excellent service

We carry only the highest quality laboratory supplies from leading manufacturers and deliver them to our customers worldwide with the utmost reliability. If you have any questions, it is important to us to help you efficiently and quickly and to personally take care of your concerns.

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In the online shop, you can order your laboratory supplies around the clock, conveniently and stress-free. We will personally provide you with information on ordering, payment options and shipping and make shopping as convenient as possible for you.

Competent advice

Our competent team of experts will be happy to advise you personally and individually on the selection of the right laboratory fume cupboard. We ensure that you receive the optimal solution for your laboratory.

Which fume cupboard for which substances?

The choice of the right fume cupboard is closely linked to the chemical properties of the hazardous substances used. In the following we give you a brief overview of which fume cupboard is suitable for the respective substance classes.

Substance class Suitable fume cupboard
Flusssure Fume cupboard
Solvent Table fume cupboard, walk-in chemical fume cupboard, small fume cupboard
Mineral acids (cold) Table fume cupboard, walk-in chemistry fume cupboard, small fume cupboard
Mineral acids (hot, concentrated) Fume cupboard
Radioactive substances Radionuclide fume cupboard

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