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Fume cupboard on the table Areas of application

A benchtop fume cupboard can serve various purposes and must therefore fulfil different requirements. The basis is a worktop, which is mounted at an ergonomic working height. Walls on all four sides and a fume cupboard roof protect the working area. The front consists of a vertical or horizontal sliding window, which can be operated open or further closed depending on the activity. An extraction device removes dust or vapours generated during laboratory work directly from the interior of the fume cupboard.

The fume cup board can be used, for example, for:

  • carrying out chemical reactions
  • mixing chemical or biological substances
  • handling sensitive components
  • filling liquids and rooms.

A table fume cupboard is a particularly flexible variant of a fume cupboard and can be used universally. In contrast to very large or even walk-in fume cupboards, this fume cupboard can be placed directly on a table and can therefore be positioned very flexibly.

Benchtop fume cupboard for the laboratory Legal standards

In the laboratory, fume cupboards are often the equipment with the highest safety requirements. The rules and boundary conditions for the operation of fume cupboards are regulated in detail in DIN EN 14175, Parts 1 to 3. In contrast to the nationally applicable DIN 12924, the necessary volume flow is no longer specified. According to the new directive, the fume cupboard can be operated at different exhaust air volume rates.

Concentrations of the relevant explosive gases are specified for adjustment, which then allow a direct conclusion to be drawn about the required exhaust air volume flow. A fume cupboard for the laboratory, which you can purchase from, always complies with the guidelines for safe working in the laboratory and is standardised according to DIN EN 14175.

Which fume cupboard for which substances?

Benchtop fume cupboards are ideal for universal tasks in the laboratory. They can be used for chemical and biological substances as well as for solvents, dust or toxic gases.

For particularly dangerous chemical substances, such as strong acids, a fume cupboard should be used. The interior of the fume cupboard is made of a particularly resistant material that resists the attack of strong acids. Table fume cupboards are also insufficient for working with radioactive substances. Special radionuclide f ume cupboards have the necessary radiation protection equipment and are made of a material that is particularly easy to decontaminate.

Bench fume cupboard for the laboratory Selection criteria

The requirements for a fume cupboard for the laboratory can vary greatly depending on the task. Therefore, fume cupboards vary in their product characteristics. In particular, the size, the media connections, the volume flow and possible substructures play a role.


The choice of dimensions depends on the size of the existing tables, but also on the space required in the fume cupboard area. In terms of width, you can choose very flexibly between 70 and 200 cm. Another decisive factor is whether only one or several people are to work at the table at the same time. The depth can be varied between 70 and 80 cm.

Media connections

The presence of media connections is also important. In addition to the extraction system, which can often be connected to existing exhaust systems, some lab benches also have other media connections. Options include a water and waste water connection, a gas connection for operating Bunsen burners, for example, or a nitrogen connection for working under an inert gas atmosphere.

Volume flow

The required exhaust air volume flow can usually be set manually and must meet the requirements of DIN EN 14175. Higher volumetric flows also mean a stronger extraction effect. The required volume flows depend on the nature and quantity of the substances used and the minimum permissible concentration assigned to them.


In addition to the actual fume cupboard, there are also substructure supplements available. These include, for example, cabinets for storing chemicals or solvents. The substructures can be selected in different sizes and safety levels and are a useful addition to the selected fume cupboard.

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