IKA VXR basic Vibrax: Small shaker for laboratories

The IKA VXR basic Vibrax small shaker is suitable for mixing various liquids in laboratories. The small device is controlled optoelectronically. The speed range is wide, from 0 to 2.00 revolutions per minute. Even at a low speed, the circular shaking movements are particularly smooth.

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Functions and features of the device

This model for laboratories is ideal for continuous operation. It is now available with optimized drive technology and innovative design. Even when the speeds are in the low range, the unit performs reliably.

The attachments can be exchanged without any problems. The test tubes, which are located on a horizontal platform, are mixed by circular movements.

The design, equipment and accessories

The device is rectangular in shape and is composed of a lower and upper section. It is available in blue, black and gray colors. The lower section in the front is the control knob, which allows you to adjust the speed on the shaker. The upper part is the platform where you can place the samples.

You can get various accessories for this model, for example, one-hand attachments or test tube attachments in different variations. In addition, there are Eppendorf attachments, universal attachments and basic holders. Dish attachments or clamping rollers are also available.

Special technologies of the shaker

The device rotates in circular motions. Its shaking stroke is 4 mm. The reliable shaker weight, together with the attachment, is two kilograms.

The allowed duty cycle is specified as 100 percent. Furthermore, the minimum speed is 100 rpm. It can be adjusted as required. The speed range varies from 0 to 3,300 rpm.

This is indicated on a scale. You can use the shaker in continuous operation. The allowed temperature of the environment is specified as 5 °C to 40 °C , and the allowed relative humidity is 80 percent.

Final technical data

Now, in order to fully inform you, you will get some more technical data regarding the shaker.

The dimensions of the model are given as 157 mm x 130 mm x 247 mm in width, height and depth. This means that it is particularly compact and therefore not very demanding in terms of handling or space requirements. You can basically place it anywhere in the laboratory where you need the shaker. The weight of 6.1 kg also allows easy and flexible transport.

The device is used with a low power consumption of 45 watts. Therefore, the model can be used particularly economically. It is subject to the DIN EN 60529 standard and belongs to the IP 21 protection class. What is the meaning behind this IP?

The device is protected against contact with the hand. It is also protected against foreign bodies larger than 12 mm. It is also protected against splashing water.

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Additional information

Weight 7.1 kg
Shaker type

Kreis- / Orbitalschüttler, orbital shaker

Shaking weight max.

2 kg

Shaker speed max.

2200 rpm