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IKA KS 3000 i control: Incubator shaker & top safety

The IKA KS 3000 i control guarantees more convenience and innovative features. In addition to the innovative design, the developers have paid particular attention to the safety of this device. As soon as the hood is opened, the incubation shaker stops.

In the event of strong impacts, blockages or overheating, the device switches off immediately. The control elements are antimicrobial coated. You can find out all other important details about the device here.

The unique selling points of the model

The great advantage of the device is the possibility of unmonitored, safe operation. This is made possible by the temperature-controlled environment as well as the special software. The high-quality equipment is protected against overheating, malfunctions and unforeseen events.

This model stops as soon as the hood is open. In case of malfunction or a problem, the shakers shut down immediately. This guarantees the high level of operational safety and ensures worker protection.

The model has a large LED display for time and speed setting, and antimicrobial layered control panels reduce germ formation. The unit automatically shuts off in the event of malfunctions. In addition, it stops as soon as the hood is open.

Operation is very simple and all functions can be conveniently controlled and documented with the labworldsoft software. The various practical attachments are not included in the scope of delivery. Operation is therefore enormously convenient and allows great flexibility in the various application areas.

For safe, qualitative sample preparation

Incubation shakers separate, comminute and mix. Depending on which task is required in which area of application, laboratory shakers perform different functions. However, these must always be performed safely and professionally.

This product is considered to be very reliable, innovative and of high quality. Especially the new design and the wide range of application possibilities come to the fore with this series.

The technical data of the innovative device

The main specifications of the product series:

  • junction box in the working chamber for an additional temperature probe
  • two PT 1000 temperature sensors
  • electronic timer: 0 – 999 h
  • Drip pan with drain hose at the back of the unit
  • Humidity range: 80
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Display: LED

The speed range is between 10 and 500 rpm and the temperature range is between 5 and 80° C. With a capacity of up to 50 liters, the unit offers a very good capacity.

The incubator shaker has IP 30 and DIN EN 60529 certifications, and an effective power of 1120 W enables efficient operation. The RS-232 interface is convenient.

With dimensions of 695 mm x 465 mm x 430 mm and a weight of 35 kg, the incubation shaker is stable and has a convenient size. Included in delivery are 4 short clamping screws, a USB cable and a PC 1.1 cable .

The reliable solution for your lab

The problem is usually that the equipment can only be operated under supervision, as malfunctions such as overheating or blockages can easily occur. Of course, if the hood opens and the unit continues to run anyway, this is also dangerous. These problems have been addressed by the developers of this product line.

The results are impressive. As soon as the hood is open, the incubation shaker stops. If the shaking material blocks, the device receives violent shocks or overheating occurs, the model switches off automatically. Thus, no cables can burn out, the shaking material can be thrown out or anyone can be injured.

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Additional information

Shaker type

Horizontalschüttler, Incubation shaker, Inkubationsschüttler

Shaker speed max.

500 rpm

Shaking weight max.

7,5 kg, 75 kg