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Features of a drum cabinet

A drum for the storage of hazardous substances is a storage facility and must therefore be kept in a professional manner. A drum cabinet for the highest demands should therefore have other relevant characteristics in addition to its sufficient size:

  • Fire resistance: Flammable and explosive substances may only be stored in fire-resistant interior spaces. Such a fire-resistant drum cabinet must be able to withstand fire for a certain period of time. For example, a drum cabinet f90 offers resistance to fire for 90 min.
  • Secure dividers: The doors of the cabinet should be easy to open in order to be able to store and retrieve drums at any time in a few simple steps. At the same time, a high level of security must be ensured. Safety locks or special locking devices are therefore mandatory to protect stored hazardous substances from unauthorised access.
  • Extraction: Since substances can easily leak when storing large quantities or the contents may be transferred, drum cabinets are equipped with a special extraction system. This ensures that your laboratory personnel are not exposed to toxic and explosive vapours when opening the cabinet and removing substances.

Where is a drum cabinet used?

The storage of hazardous substances in drums is important in various industries. In addition to companies in the chemical industry and chemical wholesalers, drum cabinets can also be found in the construction industry, in medicine or in the energy sector.

The drums enable the storage of both liquid and solid materials. These include, for example, acids or alkalis, but also ethanol, petrol or gears. Solids are, for example, carbonates or sulphates.

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Storage of drums at the workplace: What should be considered?

Drums used for the transport or storage of hazardous substances are classified as portable containers. For this reason, the relevant legal regulations must be observed.

Drum material

Dangerous goods must always be stored in closed drums or containers. You should pay particular attention to the chemical resistance of the container to the contents. Ideally, substances should be stored in their original container and correctly labelled in accordance with the regulations.

Storage location

When storing hazardous substances and setting up drum cabinets, certain rules must be observed for the storage location. This must be chosen in such a way that it does not pose a particular risk to your employees.

Narrow stairwells or passageways, escape and rescue routes and thoroughfares are therefore not suitable as storage locations and should be avoided. In rooms where work is being carried out at the same time, storage is only permitted if increased risks to employees can be excluded.

Storage organisation

The storage of hazardous material drums should be organised in such a way that storage is clear and orderly and drums can be identified quickly. Ensure that the warehouse remains in a tidy condition. Any substances released must be collected and disposed of immediately. Appropriate drip pans and ventilation systems can help here.

Storage safety

The storage capacities must be designed for the quantities of hazardous substances and container volumes to be stored. Cabinets and shelving should meet the necessary criteria for load-bearing capacity, stability and stability . Also ensure that drums are prevented from falling out or tipping over. The corresponding cabinets should be easily accessible so that the barrels can be stored or retrieved safely and comfortably with transport equipment, if necessary.

Legal regulations and standards
When storing hazardous substances in drums, the technical regulations for hazardous substances must be observed. In particular, TRGS 510 on the storage of hazardous substances in mobile containers applies here. This describes in detail the design of the storage facility, the organisation of work, necessary work equipment, hygiene measures and measures to avert danger.

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