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What does a temperature data logger do?

The performance and function portfolio of high-quality data loggers for temperature and humidity is remarkable. They are able to measure specific data at specific time intervals and then store the values generated in this way in an integrated data memory.

At you can order, among other things, data loggers for temperature, data loggers for humidity as well as devices that take both types of measurements. Basically, the technical products in this product category contribute to a good indoor climate.

The quality of goods and goods and last but not least your personal well-being depends essentially on the humidity and the temperature in the respective room.

Data loggers for temperature can record different environmental data in combination and guarantee a high precision of the measurement results. If desired, you can transfer and analyse the data via USB or WLAN.

Data loggers for temperature and humidity Applications

Data loggers for temperature and air humidity help to keep an eye on environmental data and to be able to react immediately if there are significant changes for whatever reason. The functional models that you can order with just a few clicks on do all this and more.

Temperature and humidity data loggers are ideal for measuring humidity in warehouses, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry in general. They also play an essential role in facility management (e.g. for bros) as well as in the food and chemical industries.

In addition, they are essential tools in greenhouses and tropical institutes. No matter which application you need your device for: With a product from, you benefit from high precision in terms of measured values.

Reliable data storage

A data logger for humidity and temperature stores the data and is also characterised by the repetition of the individual measurements . It is worth mentioning that the data should be stored even if the temperature logger is not supplied with energy for a longer period of time. This is the only way to ensure that data analysis is possible beyond this period.

Tip from the MedSolut team:
When buying a data logger for temperature and humidity, make sure that an acoustic or visual information is given as soon as the battery needs to be charged.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring is essential in many commercial, industrial and craft sectors. It is therefore essential that you purchase a humidity and temperature data logger from that can check and reconcile the measurement results within short intervals. Otherwise, damage to products or goods could occur.

Your data logger can take the pressure off you because the specific values are measured accurately and in case of any overshoot or undershoot, it emits acoustic signals to alert you.

Integrated data monitoring

Data loggers for temperature and humidity with WLAN or USB are often equipped with an additional data monitoring system. Such systems are extremely complex in their construction and operation. However, they offer the advantage that the generated data can be transferred directly to any end device and evaluated there.

As a user, you benefit from considerable time savings because a simple overview is guaranteed. The transfer of data is fast and the setting of limit values is also possible individually.

You are not quite sure which is the best temperature data logger for you? Please feel free to contact our friendly service team at any time. We will show you the perfect solution and are available to answer all your technical and product-specific questions.

Types of data transmission for temperature loggers

Discover the great variety of temperature loggers in all their variations on Whether with USB, WLAN or with radio transmission, with us you always have the choice and benefit from outstanding product quality.

Temperature loggers with USB

USB temperature loggers measure relative temperature, humidity, dew point and absolute humidity. The special feature of these devices is that they can be operated directly on the USB port of your computer. Get the flexible and precise measuring systems that, depending on the model, also score points with their data logger limit monitoring.

The measurement results are output in real time as a text or Excel spreadsheet – just the way you want it. The implemented monitoring and logging software also makes these measuring systems indispensable must-haves in many areas.

Temperature data loggers with WLAN

They are extremely practical with regard to the monitoring of numerous measurement limits: Use your temperature data logger with WLAN to measure and document temperatures, humidity values, temperatures or pollutant emissions, among other things.

While many classic models have to be read out manually, this is different with WLAN models. These so-called wireless data loggers or cloud loggers combine precise measurement techniques with specific data transmission via WiFi. Alarms can be sent by SMS or e-mail in the event of limit violations.

Data loggers for temperature and humidity: wireless transmission

Data loggers that work via radio transmission are particularly suitable for rather inaccessible locations . Wherever it is difficult to measure pressure, humidity or temperatures due to cramped conditions, for example, radio data loggers prove to be the ideal tools.

Special techniques or devices protect the radio sensors of the transmitter modules and contribute to optimal measurement accuracy . Depending on the model, the temperature, humidity or pressure sensors are either external or internal.

Special temperature data loggers at

In addition to wireless, WLAN and USB data loggers, has a number of other innovations ready for you. Depending on your needs and your individual wishes and objectives, you can select special products from our first-class range, such as:

Multi-channel data loggers for temperature

Whether in biotechnology, plant physiology, germplasm screening or seed testing, multi-channel data loggers are characterised by their excellent sensitivity and guarantee precise measurement results.

This aspect also plays an elementary role with regard to the testing and monitoring of microorganisms, small plants and animals as well as the effect of temperature on smears. Multi-channel sensor technologies are also preferably used in environmental electronic component testing.

Waterproof data logger for temperature

A data logger for temperature, which is waterproof, is mainly used in research and resource management. In rivers, oceans and lakes, it is usually necessary to monitor the water temperature over a long period of time.

Whether it’s thermal stress from environmental impacts, marine technology development or monitoring marine animal populations, waterproof temperature data loggers provide an excellent service. Order your underwater logger now at

Temperature logger with external sensor

A temperature logger with an external sensor offers you advantages in many different areas. With the help of special software, it is possible to configure the individual parameters in just a few steps. Depending on the device, you have the option of specifying different recording intervals, limit values or data volumes.

On, you can also discover the new temperature loggers with pre-start logging feature. These are able to provide you with initial data even before the measurements are actually taken.

Ask the professional team about other variants, such as devices that are designed for high temperatures or for bus networks. Single and multi-way models with display are also available in the first-class product portfolio on our platform. Which temperature data logger do you need for your company?

Reliable temperature data loggers for your requirements

We will be happy to assist you with all your questions and requests regarding temperature and humidity data loggers. We look forward to hearing from you by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Let us advise you individually and in detail about your desired products. How can we help you?