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Nabertherm: Laboratory furnace classic for your laboratory

Nabertherm: Laboratory Furnace Classics for Every Field of Application

| von Julia

“More than heat” is the slogan of Nabertherm. The manufacturer from Bremen sees itself as a high-tech manufactory. From conception to delivery, his goal is to create a product that meets the highest standards with care and experience. High-end technology handmade. Hanno Hartmann, Sales Manager Laboratory at Nabertherm, gave us an insight into the company history and talked to us about what goals the laboratory furnace manufacturer will be tackling in the future.

MedSolut interview with Mr. Hanno Hartmann from Nabertherm

Mr. Hartmann, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. To get us started, why not give us a brief introduction to the history of Nabertherm?

Hanno Hartmann: Nabertherm was founded in Bremen in 1947. In the beginning, only pottery kilns for private use and dental kilns were produced here. Due to rapid expansion, Nabertherm moved from Bremen to Lilienthal in 1954. Derived from the dental division,Nabertherm started early with the development of the first laboratory furnaces. The first high-temperature furnace up to 1600°C was finally delivered in the early 1970s. In parallel, we developed a wide range of industrial furnaces for various applications in the following years. Today, Nabertherm still manufactures all its furnaces in Lilienthal/Lower Saxony.

With more than 500 employees, more than 7,500 furnaces are manufactured at the plant every year. 800 standard models and customized furnaces and furnace systems are part of the product range of Nabertherm GmbH. Over 70 development engineers ensure that current market requirements can always be met. The German location will continue to be upheld in order to live up to its role as market leader in the areas of quality, design and price/performance ratio. This is also reflected in the expansion of the production area by 3,600 m² to more than 25,000 m² of production space, which began in March 2021. Nabertherm considers itself well prepared for the future to continue to be a reliable partner for our dealers and our end customers.

What products or product categories do you carry in your range and what are your best sellers?

Hanno Hartmann: The top sellers in the laboratory sector are, of course, our LE and L(T) series muffle furnaces. They are the all-rounders, have an unbeatable price/performance ratio and can be used for various standard applications in the laboratory. In particular, our wide range of standard tube furnaces, with or without gassing package for non-flammable or flammable gases, has been in use for many years in countless laboratories worldwide.

We also have various chamber, annealing and convection ovens as well as drying ovens. In addition, we offer customized industrial solutions in the fields of metal, thermal process technology, foundries, technical ceramics and standard furnaces for the dental and craft sectors.

Why should a customer from the laboratory technology sector buy your products?

Hanno Hartmann: Nabertherm is known for its very high product quality and reliable service.It is not uncommon for customers to call and ask for spare parts for a 30-year-old furnace. With over 70 years of experience, customers can rely on our quality and know-how with a clear conscience. Customer service is our top priority and we offer everything from a single source.

True to our slogan“30 – 3000°C – More than Heat”, we not only have the right furnace for almost any temperature, our service goes far beyond supplying the furnace. Thus, we have a long-term and trusting partnership with many of our customers.

Which industries currently purchase the most products from you? And where do your customers come from?

Hanno Hartmann: We already have a very high degree of internationalization. Our export share is over 70%. Nabertherm furnaces have been used in more than 150 countries around the world for many years. Due to the high degree of internationalization, we are very well diversified and can compensate for weaknesses in certain countries with good economic conditions in others. The same applies to the industries. With our very broad portfolio, we basically supply all industries from automotive, aerospace, pharma, metal to the newly won 3D printing industry. The fact that we are not dependent on specific markets or industries is ultimately the key to our success.

How has the Corona pandemic changed your customer base and your work?

Hanno Hartmann: We do not have any products in our range that could be described as “winners” of the pandemic. While there was a certain reluctance to buy in our industrial ranges at the beginning of the pandemic, our laboratory range was in full swing through the crisis. Research does not have a business cycle at this point and will not be slowed down by a pandemic. On the contrary, the pandemic probably resulted in significantly more research, such as incineration of products.

What special features of your devices would you highlight?

Hanno Hartmann: With its 500 employees worldwide, Nabertherm has been developing and producing customer-specific solutions in the field of industrial and laboratory furnaces for more than 70 years, all from a single source “Made in Germany”. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm has the widest and deepest product range of.

Mr. Hartmann, thank you very much for the informative interview and the interesting introduction to the history of Nabertherm.

Video: Nabertherm - The Laboratory Furnace Manufacturer Introduces Itself

The customer always in focus

Nabertherm is considered a traditional family business. It has the necessary financial strength and independence to secure and expand its leading international position in furnace construction. The highest technical levelis guaranteed at all times.

Customer satisfaction is naturally the focus of Nabertherm’s work. For this reason, the manufacturer specifically addresses their questions and wishes from the very beginning, provides feedback and sometimes criticism. In the end, the optimal furnace for the respective need should be found. What exactly constitutes the ideal oven varies from customer to customer.

Varied assortment – made by hand

Because the demands on the right oven are so different, the Bremen-based manufacturer has regularly expanded its range over the years. Meanwhile, it has furnaces of the most diverse categories. These include industrial furnaces, furnaces for the laboratory and dental sector or foundry operations. Whether chamber furnaces, fast firing furnaces, muffle furnaces or drying ovens – there is something for every need.

MedSolut & Nabertherm: We focus on long-term cooperation

Our experts can also report many positive experiences with Nabertherm. Thanks to the unique very cooperative relationship with the manufacturer, we can guarantee our customers fast deliveryand the best value for money. In addition, Nabertherm is known for its exceptionally high quality made in Germany and also for its first-class custom products. This helps to ensure that our customers can work with the laboratory equipment for many years.

Do you have questions about our cooperation with Nabertherm or would you like to get to know the manufacturer’s devices in more detail? Our team of expert consultants is always available to assist you with your concerns. Please feel free to contact us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or send us an email to [email protected]

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