WTW Dissolved Oxygen Laboratory Meter inoLab® Oxi 7310 Set

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Analytical instruments from WTW

Achieve excellent measuring results with our selection of analytical measuring instruments – no matter what field you are working in.

With its reliable, sophisticated technology, the Oxi 7310 set provides exceptionally accurate measurement results. Our customers use WTW instruments in a wide variety of fields.
The compact design of this model integrates beautifully into your work environment without sacrificing space for important other tasks.

Precision and easy operation

After just a few minutes, you or your team can get started without lengthy instruction. All useful functions and settings can be found in the accompanying description in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, our team of experts is at your disposal for a short introduction whenever you want. Just contact us!

The measurement of the BOD (biochemical oxygen) is usually carried out in the water / or wastewater analysis, because it is part of the environmental regulations for wastewater. BOD plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of wastewater treatment. Do you work in environmental analysis or water or wastewater analysis? Then discover the high-quality, robust instruments from our online catalog:

Our user-friendly BOD measuring instruments from WTW should not be missing in your laboratory equipment. The instrument shows you precise details about current measurement data and the volume can be set in no time at the push of a button. Intermediate values can also be called up whenever you want with a large number of the BOD meters from our manufacturer WTW. Those who up to now have had to convert the determined values independently are now saved: because with the Oxi 7310 Set, the conversion to the respective BOD value is carried out automatically and without error.

You can always ask our team of experts for more information about the model’s product features.

Get to know more extras of the Oxi 7310 Set model!

Our team of qualified experts will ensure that you get the right instruments for your laboratory. Do you have any questions about the wide range of instruments, their features or their manufacturers?

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Weight 5 kg
Analytical device

BSB measuring device, BSB-Messgerät, Sauerstoff-Messgerät