Ludwig Schneider density hydrometer, length 250/270 mm

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High-class measurements with the TYPE M from Ludwig Schneider

Whether in the pharmaceutical, food or beverage industries, our manufacturers’ analytical instruments are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Thanks to its functional operation, the TYP M from Ludwig Schneider helps you to carry out your measurements as precisely as possible.
Thanks to its practical dimensions, this instrument can also be easily integrated into your field or work environment.

Easy learning and increased efficiency

Your staff can use the model without any training. All helpful functions and settings can be learned in the shortest amount of time from the accompanying item description. If you do have problems getting started, our service team is available around the clock for a brief introduction. Simply contact us!

The hydrometers from our product portfolio are used in numerous areas nowadays. They predominantly belong to the so-called density measuring instruments, which is why they are often used for the thorough determination of the density of a liquid substance, such as alcohols, mineral oils, must or salt water. Depending on their function, Ludwig Schneider hydrometers also differ in their design, for example in terms of size and length, the material (e.g. glass) and the accuracy and type of measurement. We will be pleased to advise you individually at any time as to which is the optimum hydrometer for your field of work.

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Präzisions-Dichte-Aräometer, Precision density hydrometer

Analytical device

Aräometer, Areometer