Hettich swing-out rotor 4-fold 90° for standing centrifuge


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Useful rotor from Andreas Hettich

Andreas Hettich rotors are very popular with our customers. The swing-out rotor is particularly suitable for working with centrifuges and blood group serology testing.

You can use the rotor for a wide range of passages at the maximum permissible speeds.

Rotor type: Swing-out rotor

Swing-out rotors from Andreas Hettich are often used in the fields of medicine and research. Here, for example, they are in demand for sedimentation in smaller gravity fields of up to approx. 6,000 x g. The rotors can be filled to capacity. The rotors can be filled to capacity. The sedimentation process then takes place in the middle of the vessel bottom, whereby the various fractions are very easy to recognise and hardly mix.

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Weight 10 kg
Rotor type

Ausschwingrotor, swing-out rotor