CVP-2 from our brand manufacturer Biosan: Excellent centrifuge for routine laboratory work

Absolute all-rounder: the CVP-2 from Biosan. This model is suitable, for example, for work in medical diagnostics, DNA research or for work in blood banks or clinical laboratories.

Our first-class centrifuges are designed for a large number of passes at the maximum permissible speeds. They can be used in an extremely versatile way and are suitable, for example, for all types of separation processes. Depending on the type, Biosan centrifuges have a wide range of extensions and additional equipment.

The basic equipment includes:

  • Disyplay display
  • A wide range of functions
  • Modern microprocessor control
  • Error display
  • Energy saving ventilation
  • Safety system included
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • A practical lid lock
  • Optimal monitoring
    -Integrated timer
  • An acoustic signal

Other features of the CVP-2

Centrifuge type: Vortex, Microcentrifuge
Dimensions (H x W x D): 190 x 285 x 350 mm
Display: LCD, 64 x 128 pixels
Speed range: 300 – 1500 rpm
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Weight: 6,15 kg

So-called small or micro centrifuges such as the CVP-2 from Biosan are ideal for separating smaller samples or substances.

Basically, a centrifuge works by applying the physical apsect of inertia, which is why it is used in most cases for tasks such as substance separation. For example, gas mixtures, emulsions or even suspensions can be separated.

Do you work, among other things, on complete clarifications of pellets of macro-molecules or of suspensions? In this case the Biosan angle rotor is the optimal tool for your field of work.

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Additional information

Weight 8.15 kg
Rotor type

angle rotor, Winkelrotor

Speed min.

300 rpm

Centrifuge type

microcentrifuge, Mikrozentrifuge, Vortex

Speed max.

1500 rpm

Dimensions (H x W x D) (centrifuges)

190 x 285 x 350 mm

Number of cycles

1 – 999

Display (centrifuges)

LCD, 64 x 128 Pixel, LCD, 64 x 128 pixels

Speed range (centrifuges)

300 – 1500 rpm

Speed increments (Centrifuges)

100 rpm

Frequency (Centrifuges)

50/60 Hz

Weight approx. (centrifuges)

6,15 kg, 6.15 kg

Chamber diameter (centrifuges)

210 mm

Voltage (centrifuges)

100 – 240 V

Time setting range

0 – 30 min, 0 – 60 s

Time increments

1 s