BioSan MSC -6000: more than a centrifuge

The BioSan MSC -6000 Multi-Spin operates fully automatically. It is used for reproducing sms algorithms and can process twelve tubes in parallel. This ensures that you can save a lot of time when using the device in the laboratory.

The device should be a part of every laboratory when it comes to DNA and PCR analysis. Would you like to know more details? Our team will be happy to pass them on to you.

Features and functions of the Multi-Spin

The Multi-Spin has been developed over many years as part of the Spin-Mix-Spin technology when it comes to collecting the microparticles of samples on the bottom tube. This is the so-called first centrifugation spin.

After that, mixing and collecting the sample from the lid and walls of the tubes is possible. This is also known as the second spinning and is called the repeat operation algorithm . The instrument is able to reduce the errors in PCR analysis that can occur during sample preparation, which BioSan calls the sms algorithm.

Efficient instrument for routine laboratory work

The Vortex comes with a total of three different mixing modes, namely soft, medium and hard. A timer is available for time setting. Here you can set the vortex time between one and 20 seconds.

If you compare the Multi-Spin with similar devices, for example, the Combi-Spin, you will quickly notice the substantial time savings.

This is due to the automatic implementation of the periodic program, through which you can spin and mix samples based on the selected cycle. This applies in parallel to twelve tubes.

The technical features

The speed range can be set from 1,000 to 6,000 rpm, for a single sample the number is 100 rpm. Vortex intensity can be set to soft, medium or hard . The maximum RCF is 2,350 x g.

Furthermore, you can set the spin timer between one second and 30 minutes. The vortex time varies from 0 to 20 seconds, for single samples it is one second.

The SMS cycle setting is possible for one to 999 cycles . The timer emits an acoustic signal. The display is on an LCD with 16 x 2 characters. Safety is ensured by a flap latch.

Other relevant technical data

To round off the details, you will now get more technical data that may be relevant for you.

The dimensions of the device in terms of width, depth and height are 190 mm x 235 mm x 125 mm. Thus, the model is quite small and compact, which simplifies handling in laboratories.

In addition, it is very light with a weight of only 2.5 kg and can therefore be transported comfortably. The energy consumption is only 24 watts, so the Multi-Spin can be operated economically.

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Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Rotor type

PCR rotor, PCR-Rotor, Winkelrotor

Speed range (centrifuges)

1000 – 6000 rpm

Speed max.

6000 rpm

Model of centrifuge

microcentrifuge, Mikrozentrifuge, Vortex

Speed min.

1000 rpm

Dimensions (H x W x D) (centrifuges)

125 x 190 x 235 mm

Number of cycles

1 – 999 SMS-cycles, 1 – 999 SMS-Zyklen

Display (Centrifuges)

LCD, 2 x 16 signs, LCD, 2 x 16 Zeichen

Capacity of vessels

0,2 ml, 0,5 ml, 1,5 ml, 1.5 ml, 2 ml

Frequency (Centrifuges)

50/60 Hz

Speed increments (Centrifuges)

100 rpm

Weight approx. (centrifuges)

2,5 kg, 2.5 kg

Mixing strength

soft, medium, hard, soft, mittel, hart

Mixing time

0 – 20 sec (increment 1 sec), 0 – 20 sek (Einstellschritte 1 sek)

RCF max.

2350 xg

Safety (Centrifuges)

Deckelverriegelung, lid lock

Voltage (Centrifuges)

100 – 240 V

Time setting range

1 sec -30 min, 1 sek -30 min