BioSan 3D Sunflower mini shaker for liquids in the laboratory.

The BioSan 3D Sunflower mini shaker is suitable for shaking various liquids in laboratories. It does this in a gentle way. It provides a stable hold and safety for the vessels used as soon as it is switched on.

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The functions and features of the mini shaker

This 3D mini shaker can be adjusted as needed. The shaking is done in a gentle way. The platform is suitable for placing a PDM mat, in which you can put the tubes in different sizes. It is crimped several times.

The device is a compact model, which convinces with low power consumption.

Included in the delivery, is already a heat-resistant silicone mat with non-slip properties. It is located on the platform and provides a stable hold for the tubes.

Design and equipment

With the brushless motor and direct drive, you can mix the liquids up to a maximum of one week. It is suitable for mixing and shaking blood samples, sample washing, staining and destaining with minigel and blot hybridization reactions.

You can use the instrument in incubators or cold rooms whose temperature is between +4 and +40 °C. As mentioned above, you can use the optionally available PDM mat if required. It prevents tubes of different sizes from falling off the platform.

This model is blue and white, with the adjustable area located at the bottom of the device. The on/off switch and the control knob are also located there. In the upper area is the platform, where you can place the desired tubes.

The technical features of the mini shaker

The adjustment range of the speed is in the range of 5 to 60 rpm. There is a fixed tilt angle of seven degrees. Furthermore, there is a direct drive. Continuous use is possible up to 168 hours.

The maximum load must not exceed one kilogram. The area where you place the tubes is 212 mm x 215 mm.

The technical data

We do not want to deprive you of the other technical data and list them for you below.

The overall dimensions of the mini shaker are 235 mm x 235 mm x 140 mm in width, depth and height. This already includes the platform. The weight is quite low at only 1.2 kg.

The power consumption is 3.1 watts, which is why you can use the device very economically. BioSan does not specify to which standard the mini shaker belongs.

Other models from this series

There is another shaker from this series, which we would also like to introduce to you.

  • Multi Bio 3D: This shaker is programmable and can move in different ways. This increases the choice of ways to use the shaker as well as its efficiency when it comes to preparing samples. In addition, you can choose your preferred method of shaking.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Shaker type

orbital rocking shaker, Taumelschüttler

Shaker speed range max.

60 rpm

Shaking weight max.

1 kg