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Mission forest!

Whether in the Amazon, in Australia or in Europe – forests are being destroyed all over the world. In terms of numbers, that’s an area of about 31 soccer fields per minute. The reason for this is that as the population of our planet grows, so does the demand for land and raw materials. But without forests, our world as we know it cannot exist. To counteract the destruction of our forests, WWF has launched the “Forest Mission”. We at MedSolut AG would like to support the project in the future and donate a tree for each of your reviews.

A tree for your review!

Because we urgently want to support the fight against the destruction of forests, we have come up with something special. Instead of putting marketing budget into ratings, we would like to put the contribution that a rating would cost us into the WWF’s “Mission Forest!” project. Our goal is to contribute a budget for the replanting of at least 300 trees per year. And you can support us – become part of a great project!

What does that mean for you?

Have you sought advice from us, purchased a product or started a joint cooperation with us?

Then take the opportunity and share your experience via Google reviewsWhether it’s a friendly “thank you” or a quick sentence about their service experience with our team. The whole thing will cost you one minute of your time – nothing else. And for every new rating we receive, we donate to the “Mission Forest”.
Help us to preserve the forests of our earth!

Supporting forest conservation together with MedSolut

Over 31 soccer fields of forest land are destroyed every minute – more than ever before in our history. The main reasons include increasing demand for timber, palm oil, meat and animal feed, in addition to increasing settlement. The result: an enormous threat to animals, plants and humans. In order to sustain forests around the world for our descendants, long-term provisions must be made. Projects like “Auftrag Wald!” support this endeavor and we at MedSolut AG have decided to join in. 

We invite you to become part of this action, where you can contribute to the preservation of forests with minimal effort. For each Google review we will donate an amount to “Auftrag Wald!” to plant at best 300 trees per year. We will keep you informed about the progress here. In this way, we can contribute together to maintain the forest as a lifeline for entire ecosystems.

All funding areas of “Mission Forest!” at a glance:

  • The fight against illegal logging and the timber mafia
  • The designation of new protected areas in order to protect, among other things, the rainforest from further destruction.
  • The sustainable protection of large forest areas
  • The reforestationof destroyed areas
  • The trainingof forest rangers and park managers
  • The training of the population and authorities in environmental issues
  • The promotion of more conscious consumption and sustainable use of the forest

About WWF

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most relevant international environmental protection organizations. WWF Germany is an independent part of the international nature conservation organization. As a non-profit NGO, the WWF preserves the biological diversity around the globe just as it is on our doorstep, in Germany.