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What is a viscometer?

To understand what this device is all about, you first need to know the term “viscosity”. It is the resistance of a liquid substance to forced movement. The viscometer measures this resistance and can thus determine the viscosity. A special form of the viscometer is the rotational viscometer.

The liquid is set in motion in the measuring device by a corresponding rotating body. The speed and resistance are then measured. The higher the resistance, the lower the velocity and the higher the viscosity. For poorly flowing or non-flowing liquid substances such as pastes, special settings may be necessary in order to obtain the most accurate measured values.

Viscosity meter from our assortment’s comprehensive range of viscometers offers the optimum viscometer for every application. Due to the different designs, the devices are matched to the various applications and offer reliable precision thanks to their high quality.

IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete

The viscosity measuring range of this model is comparatively low at 1-6,000,000 mPas, but the IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete offers the highest precision. The speed is infinitely variable and can be easily adjusted due to the simple operation. The accessories supplied allow immediate use and stability.

IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Complete

The IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Complete has a viscosity measuring range of 800-320,000,000 mPas and is therefore suitable for numerous applications. The accuracy of the measurements is in the range of +/- 1 percent. Therefore, precise results can be achieved.

As with the other models in IKA’s ROTAVISC series , operation is extremely simple.

IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Advanced

The IKA ROTAVISC lo-vi Advanced rotational viscosity meter has a viscosity measuring range of 1-6,000,000 mPas and thus covers a comparatively narrow spectrum. The special feature of this measuring instrument is the combination with the labworldsoft 6 Visc software. This makes it possible to operate and control several instruments.

IKA ROTAVISC me-vi Advanced

The viscosity measuring range of the IKA ROTAVISC me-vi Advanced rotational viscosity meter is in the medium range with 100-40,000,000 mPas. The adjustment of the rotational speed is stepless and the operation was designed intuitively. In addition, the labworldsoft 6 Visc software makes it possible to combine and control several instruments.

IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi I Advanced

The IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi I Advanced rotary viscometer has a measuring range of 200-80,000,000 mPas and can therefore be used for both low and high viscosity substances. The model has a high accuracy and is suitable for controlling Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids.

Another practical advantage is the labworldsoft 6 Visc software, which allows multiple instruments to be controlled.

IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Advanced

The measuring range of 800-320,000,000 mPas is particularly large here and therefore makes it possible to use it in numerous areas of application. In contrast to the normal version, the IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Advanced viscometer also offers the labworldsoft 6 Visc software, but with the same measuring accuracy and intuitive operation.

Applications for viscometers

Viscometers can be used in a wide range of applications. It is important that the respective model fits the viscosity range. This is because not every model has high precision in all ranges.


When preparing ointments, creams and solutions, measuring the viscosity can be necessary or at least useful: on the one hand, to check the quality, and on the other hand, to ensure that correct results have been obtained for previously new formulations.

Medical practices and clinics

Whether it is a question of samples or the preparation of formulations, viscometers can also be of valuable use in practices and clinics. The range ofprecise measurements should be as large as possible, just as in pharmacies, or various viscometers should be available. This is because widely varying degrees of viscosity have to be determined here.


The measuring instruments for viscosity are used, among other things, to control quality and can be used in research. Depending on the respective area, models with a corresponding spectrum must be used. For example, the IKA ROTAVISC hi-vi II Advanced covers such a wide range.


In industry, viscosity meters are also used to check quality, among other things. The suitability of different substances for different purposes can also be determined by the measurement.

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