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Applications of Heidolph rotary evaporators

Heidolph rotary evaporators can be used in a wide range of applications. We would be pleased to show you the advantages of a Heidolph rotary evaporator for your laboratory or institute.

  • Rotary evaporators from Heidolph are valuable aids in everyday laboratory work when it comes to evaporating solvents quickly and effectively.
  • Heidolph rotary evaporators are used for recrystallisation and crystallisation in laboratories as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • You can carry out powder and granulate drying with a rotary evaporator and also benefit from particular efficiency and first-class usability with Heidolph devices from the MedSolut range.
  • High-performance rotary evaporators are needed in everyday laboratory work for the concentration of a wide variety of solutions.
  • Rotary evaporators are also used for the synthesis and purification of fine chemicals in pharmacies, clinics and laboratories.
  • If you want to recycle solvents quickly and efficiently, you cannot do without a functional rotary evaporator from Heidolph.

Design and operating principle of a rotary evaporator

If you compare the classical vacuum distillation apparatus with a rotary evaporator from Heidolph, the difference lies in the temperature distribution in the so-called evaporation flask. In conventional distillation, the temperature level is uniformly different from that of a rotary evaporator.

The most important elements of the rotary evaporator are the heating bath, which is operated with water or oil depending on the model, the vacuum pump including controller and a steam pipe in which the evaporation flask is located.

Heidolph rotary evaporators also consist of a cooler, a collecting flask and a drip catcher. This prevents any solvents that might accumulate from getting into the cooling coil. During the evaporation process, the solution is filled into the evaporation flask and fixed to the rotation shaft.

After the start-up of the device, the evaporating solvent rises upwards through the steam pipe. It then condenses in the cooler and is collected in the collecting flask. An additional lift lifts the flask out of the water bath if necessary or immerses it there.

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Heidolph rotary evaporators: Extras

The efficient operation and high functionality of a Heidolph rotary evaporator will inspire you. The additional operating principle of the Heidolph devices, such as the VAP-Control principle or the Dynamic Auto Accurate (DAA), make the devices of this internationally renowned manufacturer something very special. Among other things, central control units are provided for all process parameters.

These product lines and extras offer you many advantages in everyday laboratory work. It is easily possible to configure these systems using a plug-and-play system.

Hei-VAP Control principle

The Extra Hei-VAP Expert Control is a central control unit that makes controlling all process parameters child’s play. Whether it’s vacuum, rotation, heating bath temperature or cooling temperature, you can regulate everything at the touch of a finger.

Dynamic Autoaccurate

For inexperienced users as well as frequently changing users of a Heidolph rotary evaporator, Dynamic AUTOaccurate is available. This feature can be used entirely without supervision and is ideal for media or solutions that foam easily and for discreet control of the vacuum. The feature also allows for precise single distillation to separate a specific fraction, but can also be used for mixed distillation to separate multiple fractions.

Dynamic AUTOaccurate allows a fully automated distillation process to be started during the heating phase. The system pressure is dynamically adjusted to the changing temperature in the heating bath. And this continues until the previously set temperature has been reached. Thanks to this function, the samples are particularly protected because the evaporating flask is automatically lifted out of the heating bath as soon as the process is complete. Contact us about the motor lift models in this category.

Heidolph Rotary Evaporators: Models

Discover the different models of the popular Heidolph rotary evaporators on Suitable for every project and every work area, you will find the perfect device in our online catalogue. See for yourself:


The models of the Core series are special operating concepts from Heidolph, reduced to the essentials. This means that you always have direct access and thus optimum control of the heating bath temperature and the rotation speed. The clear digital display clearly shows the actual and set values. The data can even be read from a few metres away.

Thanks to the included lock function, accidental adjustment of the generated values can be prevented. Whether in the hand lift or the motor lift version: efficiency and dynamics are writ large with this extra. Even the immersion depth can be adjusted up to 155 mm and the angle of inclination of the evaporator piston can be set from 20 to 80 degrees.


This model offers a customisable solvent database that is easy to handle and precise to operate. Among other things, it is possible to find the boiling points automatically using the Dynamic AUTOaccurate function. In addition, specific processes can be easily saved under “favourites”.


The Ultimate range of Heidolph rotary evaporators offers you the advantage that both the rotation speed and the heating bath temperature can be set precisely on the 7″ digital touch display .

Alternatively, regulation is possible using the rotary control on the control panel. An additional plus is the integrated solvent database, which makes it much easier to set the vacuum required in each case. USB and micro SD interfaces as well as LAN and RS 232 interfaces further enhance the value of the Ultimate model series from Heidolph.

Expert Control

This model adds a number of functions to the Hei VAP Expert, ensuring a good overview of all parameters in the process. USB and micro SD interfaces allow easy installation of software updates. Individual data can also be easily transferred from one device to another. The extended solvent library and specific favourites can be transferred to other devices via USB stick.

With the Expert Control model, automatic vaporisation is easy with the Dynamic AUTOaccurate programme (DAA). The high user comfort and the remarkable adaptability are further aspects that facilitate laboratory work. Accurate monitoring is ensured by the pictogram on the display.

Ultimate Control

The Ultimate Control model from Heidolph is the perfect complement to the Hei-VAP Ultimate with its numerous additional features: You have direct access to stored favourites at any time via the speed dial memory. You can also define and save your own ramps or vaporisation processes. The DAA function makes automatic vaporisation easy. Moreover, perfect adaptability is guaranteed, from foam prevention to highly efficient vaporisation of specific solutions.

Safety instructions

Ask our MedSolut professionals about the safety instructions for the powerful Heidolph rotary evaporators. We will be happy to advise you in this regard at any time.

Every Heidolph rotary evaporator is designed according to the latest technology and complies with the applicable safety regulations. Nevertheless, a cautious approach to installation and work is indispensable. Proceed only in accordance with the steps specified by the manufacturer and ensure that the appliance is always used for its intended purpose.

Heidolph rotary evaporators may only be used if they are in technically perfect condition. In addition, persons working with such a device must be adequately trained and knowledgeable.

Heidolph rotary evaporators are designed exclusively for distillation, processing of reaction solutions, solvent recycling and purification of solutions. As there is neither an Ex- nor an ATEX-protection, Heidolph rotary evaporators are not explosion-proof. Therefore, the units must not be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. According to applicable DIN specifications, Heidolph rotary evaporators may only be used in the vicinity of a functioning fume cupboard.

Find the optimal Heidolph rotary evaporator for your application

In our online catalogue you will find Heidolph rotary evaporators for every need and for a wide range of applications. The numerous extras of the individual units as well as the individual Core Packages are perfectly tailored to the needs of our demanding laboratory and corporate customers.

Hei-VAP Core Package Allround

The Hei-VAP Core with hand lift and vertical glassware G3 includes the Hei-VAC Control function, the Rotavac Valve Tec vacuum pump and a practical tubing set.

Hei-VAP University Academic Chill

The Heidolph Hei-VAP Core package University Academic-Chill includes the Hei-VAP Core with hand lift and a diagonal glassware set G1. The equipment also includes a manual vacuum regulator, the Rotavac Valve Tec vacuum pump, a Hei-CHILL 250 recirculating chiller, 10 litres of Kryo 30 temperature control liquid and a set of hoses.

Hei-VAP Low Boiling Dry Ice

This package includes the Hei-VAP Core module with motor lift and coated G5 dry ice condenser, a Rotavac Valve Tec vacuum pump, a manual vacuum regulator and the proven hose set.

Rotary evaporator from Heidolph

Heidolph’s advanced rotary evaporators are in great demand by quality-conscious customers. The excellent quality, the well thought-out functions and the innovative concept of the VAP-Control principle speak for themselves and are highly sought after in laboratories, institutes and companies in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Heidolph Instruments is the leading manufacturer of first-class laboratory instruments.

Today, its innovative products are sold in more than 80 countries to companies in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical research and the cosmetics industry. Heidolph’s goal has always been to improve the quality of life of people around the world with high-performance, high-quality and durable products made in Germany.

Discover the quality of Heidolph rotary evaporators at MedSolut.

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