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Heidolph Magnetrer Product Benefits

Contact the experts at MedSolut if you would like to order Heidolph magnetic stirrers. We can help you find the right instrument for your laboratory or institute. Many large industries, universities and research laboratories have a long tradition of using Heidolph laboratory stirrers. This is not surprising, because the outstanding product quality and many other advantages speak for themselves:

  • Heidolph stands for proven brand quality made in Germany.
  • With Heidolph magnetic and laboratory stirrers it is possible to extract, synthesise and titrate with precision.
  • This brand manufacturer’s stirrers have proven to be particularly reliable and durable.
  • The high functionality speaks for itself: Whether with heating function, with sealed aluminium pressure housing, with special installation surface or other highlights, the excellently thought-out technologies inspire the demanding user.
  • The agitator functions are gentle and powerful at the same time. This makes it possible to mix a volume of up to 20 litres with low-viscosity media.
  • The accessories portfolio is innovative and individually tailored to the user’s needs.
Are you looking for another renowned manufacturer? In the MedSolut range you will find high-performance magnetic stirrers and laboratory stirrers in high-end quality!

Heidolph magnetic stirrers with heating plate

If you need a Heidolph magnetic stirrer with heating plate for your everyday laboratory or institute work, you will quickly find what you are looking for on Of course, we are happy to help you with your selection so that you get the perfect product. Discover, among other things, the functional magnetic stirrers with heating plate from Heidolph and convince yourself of the special range of performance and functions:


The Hei-Standard model with its high-quality Kera-Disk mounting surface is the ideal entry-level tool for professional users who want easy handling and high functionality. With the Hei-Standard model, you can easily heat and cool without having to deal with complex technology.

With the help of a scale, the speed and temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs. The maximum values in this regard are 1,400 rpm and 300 degrees Celsius. The practical safety features also demonstrate the value of this product and prove to be extremely helpful in everyday laboratory work.


If you decide on the Hei-Tec magnetic drill from Heidolph, you will certainly be impressed by the particularly high degree of precision. The Hei-Tec with its patented Kera-Disk mounting surface made of anodised aluminium is considered the classic among magnetic stirrers.

It is extremely robust and even has a button illumination. The performance range is 1,400 rpm and 300 degrees Celsius. Its scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant properties are also worthy of mention.


The Heidolph Hei-End magnetic drill is equipped with a powerful heater and temperature sensor. This high-quality device meets the highest safety requirements and thus offers you maximum user comfort.

An additional highlight is that you can easily read the measured values on the illuminated display. Would you like to find out more about the Hei-End laboratory meter or get to know the other meters from this brand manufacturer? We are here for you at any time!

Heidolph magnetic stirrer without heating plate

At you can order Heidolph magnetic stirrers with and without heating plate as well as in many other versions. The models without heating plate listed below are particularly popular with quality-conscious corporate customers:

Hei-Mix S

The Hei-Mix S is the ideal product without heating function for biochemical applications and titrations in volume units of up to five litres. The robust polyamide housing and the wide speed range of up to 2,200 rpm offer you several advantages for professional use. Benefit from the innovative design and order the Hei-Mix S magnetic drill with just a few clicks on

Hei-Mix L

The Hei-Mix L is characterised by its proven technology and has been specially developed for applications with thermolabile substances. This laboratory stirrer is designed for volume capacities of up to 20 litres. It has no heating module, and the heat from the motor is not transferred to the installation surface due to its special design and high-quality materials.

Extensions for Heidolph Magnetic Drills

Benefit from the large selection of magnetic stirrers from the house of Heidolph and also secure the specific add-ons for laboratory and magnetic stirrers. These and other add-ons can be found directly in the MedSolut portfolio:

  • High-performance chillers: Order high-performance chillers from Heidolph’s expansion portfolio and experience the product benefits in a wide range of applications. For example, the AddOn Findenser is a high-performance chiller that makes the use of a water chiller unnecessary in 95 percent of all reflux reactions. Make your work even more efficient with AddOns from Heidolph. We will be happy to help you with your product selection.
  • Heat-On attachments: The innovative Heat-On tops are functional extensions in modern designs, which do not require a heat exchanger. The use of water or water is therefore not necessary. Depending on your needs, you can use them to bring round-bottomed flasks with capacities ranging from 10 millilitres to 5 litres evenly up to temperature.

Accessories for magnetic stirrers by Heidolph

MedSolut offers you the right accessories for your Heidolph magnetic drill. It goes without saying that these accessories also impress with their solid quality.

Magnetic tubes

They are small in size, but shine with outstanding precision when it comes to mixing different types of substances. Indeed, uniform mixing plays an essential role in science and research. Order the high-quality magnetic stirrers to match your Heidolph magnetic stirrer conveniently at

Temperature probe

With a temperature sensor especially for the Heidolph magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, Hei-Connect or Hei-End you are on the safe side with regard to perfect temperature control. If you attach importance to precision in the execution of your projects, you are well advised to use the high-quality temperature sensors as a supplement to the laboratory and magnetic stirrers.


Order the practical holders for your Heidolph laboratory clock at the same time. This makes secure and space-saving attachment to grid walls child’s play. Of course, a clamp is also included for maximum stability and safety.

Heidolph – the specialist for grinding tasks in the laboratory

The renowned company Heidolph Instruments, based in Schwabach, Germany, has been a leader in the manufacture of high-quality laboratory instruments for many years. Whether for pharmaceutical research, the cosmetics industry, the chemical or biological sector, Heidolph’s customer-oriented product and service portfolio always makes a valuable contribution to improving the quality of life of people worldwide.

The company is already represented in more than 80 countries with its innovations made in Germany and is still expanding.

Order Heidolph Magnetrer online

Are you looking for a professional Heidolph magnet drill? Take advantage of our professional consulting service at any time and benefit from many advantages. Our entire assortment shines through its excellent quality and the services will also convince you. We look forward to hearing from you by telephone on +49 30 209 657 900 or by e-mail at [email protected] How may we be of service to you?