Dräger Oxy 6000

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Excellent Oxy 6000 for working under sterile conditions

The Dräger Oxy 6000 ensures that you, your staff and your premises are protected at all times against harmful substances, particles or bacteria and pathogens. Dräger materials are characterized by their high resistance and exemplary coating. This is the only way to guarantee that your personnel are optimally protected. Dräger’s protective clothing, mouth guards and gloves play a key role in preventing or minimizing contact with pathogens or harmful substances.

Tip: In addition to protective equipment such as safety shoes and lab coats, laboratory safety goggles are also mandatory for work in the laboratory. We will be happy to advise you so that you can ensure an optimum level of safety in your laboratory! Give us a call.

About the manufacturer Dräger

Dräger is one of the leading international manufacturers in the field of safety and medical technology. Customer proximity, state-of-the-art technologies and outstanding quality are points on which you can always rely here. The safety equipment of the manufacturer includes a complete range of series for over-glasses, classic safety glasses and full-vision goggles but also protective clothing. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting so that you can meet the optimum requirements at your workplace.

You can always ask our experts for more detailed information about the functions of the Oxy 6000.

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