WTW Universal multi-parameter pocket meter ProfiLine ph/Cond 3320 Set2


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The ph/Cond 3320 Set2 from WTW

In our shop you will find a wide range of anylstical instruments that are used in a wide variety of work areas.

With reliable, smart operation, the ph/Cond 3320 Set2 provides extremely thorough measurement results. Our customers use the WTW measuring instrument in a wide variety of applications.
The compact dimensions guarantee safe stowage in the workspace without sacrificing much working space.

High performance and outstanding efficiency

The instrument can also be used by your team without extensive training due to its ease of use. All helpful instructions can be taken from the enclosed manual in just a few minutes. In case of need, our MedSolut team is at your disposal for a short training whenever you want. Just contact us!

pH meters measure the pH value electrochemically and use a robust electrode for this process. A resistant housing as well as the stable construction and a large-surface display ensure comfortable working – and depending on the model, also on the road. With functions such as a stability display or the measured value and calibration data memory, you get even more out of the data.

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Our team of competent service staff guarantees that you will receive the right analytical instruments for your application. Do you have questions about the various products, their functions or the respective manufacturers?

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Weight 2.5 kg
Analytical device

pH meter, pH-Meter