KGW Reaction vessels cylindrical, non-temperature controlled, with “J” valve



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The robust containers and vessels from our brand manufacturer KGW-Isotherm have been impressing our customers from a wide range of industries for years with their safety, excellent reliability and very high durability.

The versatile components can be exchanged or supplemented as required. The respective models are used, for example, in laboratories in biology, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy, food technology and the materials and textile industries.

How to guarantee safe storage

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KGW-Isotherm containers are mainly used in laboratory and medical technology, in biotechnology or for storage and short-distance internal transport. The containers are extremely reliable and have a very high safety standard. They comply with all specified standards and guidelines and are both water and acid resistant.

Depending on which device you choose, you can also choose from different designs as well as a large number of accessories. Please contact our customer service so that we can find the right solution for you. Our service advisors will professionally explain to you the versatility between the various valve options, different temperature connections and additional highlights of the KGW Isotherm articles.

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reaction vessels, Reaktionsgefäße

Volume (vessel, container)

1,1 l – 2 l, 1.1 l – 2 l, 10,1 l – 50 l, 10.1 l – 50 l, 2,1 l – 3 l, 2.1 l – 3 l, 3,1 l – 4 l, 3.1 l – 4 l, 4,1 l – 5 l, 4.1 l – 5 l, 5,1 l – 10 l, 5.1 l – 10 l, 501 ml – 1 l, bis 500 ml, up to 500 ml

Material (vessel, container)

Glas, glass