Julabo circulation thermostat up to +200 °C

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Energy-efficient solution for all laboratories

Julabo circulators up to +200 °C are suitable for cooling and heating. They fulfill external temperature control tasks or can be used for direct temperature control in the thermostat bath. There are various models with different characteristics.

The cooling and heating capacity of the units is high, and the cooling and heating times are low. This ensures high efficiency and low operating costs. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the unit.

Features and functions of the thermostats

The device has an extended pump capacity. The increased working temperature range reaches up to +200 °C. Due to the high pump capacity, you can use the thermostats optimally for simple temperature control of external applications.

The device has a proportional cooling capacity control. Thus, they can be used sparingly and have low waste heat. The dust that settles on the devices can be removed more easily thanks to the removable ventilation grille . Depending on the model, the devices are equipped with casters or carrying handles , which make transport flexible.

On the other hand, all devices have a drain cock in the front area, so that you can easily empty the bath fluid. It is also possible to cool or heat smaller objects directly in the thermostat bath.

Equipment and design of the devices

The devices are easy to operate. This applies to all models. They are suitable for external and internal applications, as well as for bath vessels with volumes up to 50 liters. The operating temperature range is between -50 °C and +200 °C.

The temperature range is a high span. Furthermore, the maximum pressure of the model is 27 bar. Per minute, 11 to 16 liters are conveyed here. The opening of the tank is 12 cm × 14 cm × 14 cm in width, length and depth.

Additional technical details for you

The dimensions are specified as 23 cm× 42 cm × 61 cm in width, length and height, so the compact device can be easily integrated into any workplace and also flexibly transported. The volume is 4.5 liters.

The cooling capacity of this model varies and is up to 350 watts. The thermostats belong to the IP 21 protection class, which means that there is protection against foreign bodies and finger contact. In addition, the devices are also protected from dripping water.

The other models of the series

There are other models in this series, which have different details. We present them:

  • CORIO CD: These circulators belong to the new generation and are suitable for standard and routine tasks. They are inexpensive and are used in industry and laboratories.
  • DYNEO DD: These thermostats have an innovative technology and are therefore suitable for demanding tasks. They have a color display and a rotary knob that allows you to operate them intuitively.
  • MAGIO MS: The thermostats of this series are equipped with a very powerful pump. A touch display is also included.

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