Careful ultrasonic cleaning with the EMAG Emmi-H60 ultrasonic cleaner with drain tap.

The EMAG-AG product portfolio is comprehensive. Whether sonotrodes, cleaning devices or soundproof boxes: the manufacturer’s useful ultrasonic technology devices cover almost all ultrasonic applications in your laboratory. The Emmi-H60 offers precise results thanks to smooth oscillations, excellent disinfection performance including protection of working materials, and economical use of energy, chemicals and water. Thanks to their simple and functional design, EMAG-AG models are ready for a wide range of activities.

Heating power: 250 W

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Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 17.5 × 29 cm
Model of ultrasonic cleaner

Ultraschallbad, ultrasonic bath

Working quantity

4,5 l, 45 l

Heating power (ultrasound)

250 W