BioSan Bench-Top Robotic Workstation BioMagPure 12

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BioSan BioMagPure 12 Robotic Workstation

The BioSan BioMagPure 12 is an impressive compact robotic workstation. It allows the automatic purification of nucleic acids. It is used in laboratories or small clinics. You can automate work by inserting prefilled reagent cartridges in combination with disposable materials and do not need to be present for this. The result is a nucleic acid extraction of the highest quality.

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Functions and other features of the robotic station

Because the instrument uses proven magnetic separation technology, nucleic acid purification is safe, reliable, user-friendly, efficient and economical. The reagent kits hold all the parts you need for extraction. This includes the necessary plastic cartridges, which are already prefilled, and the sample preparation solutions, if needed.

The device is ideally suited for laboratories and small clinics, as it can be used to process one to twelve samples. Since it requires little space to be set up and it significantly reduces working time, you can operate much more cost-effectively.

The robotic workstation uses magnetic bead technology. In addition, the parts of the reaction chamber are patented. The so-called piercing pin system helps you prevent cross-contamination.

The device does not need to be supervised during operation and is available in high quality . You do not need a computer to use it. Ready-to-use reagent cartridges are included. Operation is possible in three simple steps. First load, then run to receive the results.

Equipment and design

The instrument features a polygonal reaction chamber in an innovative design, including patented elements. It ensures with the contact area, which is part of the magnet and heating element, that elutions and lyses are generated highly efficiently.

This increases magnetic bead recovery and reduces magnetic bead and alcohol residues in elution results.

The special design of the reaction chamber ensures very effective mixing capability. Conventional mixing with pipette or tip are no longer required. Thus, cross-contamination can be reliably eliminated.

Special technologies

The processing time is between 45 and 60 minutes. Furthermore, the processing capacity is one to twelve samples per run. Extraction is performed by magnetic particle separation technology.

The protocol is generated by scanning barcodes. The protocol is entered using the barcode scanner. The sample volume varies from 10 to 2,000 ul depending on the kit. Beyond that, the elution volume ranges from 50 to 400 ul.

You do not need a computer to work with the instrument. The display is on a 20 mm x 4 mm display.

Further technical data on the robotic workstation

Finally, you will receive some further technical data that will help you in your purchase decision.

The robot workstation is 500 mm wide, 590 mm deep and 510 mm high. Therefore, it is a particularly compact device, which makes it easier to use. The weight of 55 kg ensures a high degree of stability. It is used at a nominal operating voltage of 11 to 240 volts.

The robotic workstation has received CE IVD certification for medical products, which is only awarded to particularly high-quality devices.

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Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 70 × 48 × 52 cm