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When is a steel drip tray necessary?

A steel catch basin is used for the storage of flammable substances or liquids. It must be impermeable to the liquids stored in it in order to exclude possible environmental and health risks in advance.

It is also a prerequisite that containment trays are made of non-combustible building materials. Only then may substances hazardous to water or flammable substances such as varnish or oil be stored in them. Especially for these substances, a steel sump tray is ideal. Our friendly experts will be happy to advise you on whether a painted or galvanised version is required. Just get in touch with us.

Rules and regulations for drip pans

The legislator explicitly specifies which guidelines must be observed with regard to the properties and areas of application of steel sumps. The StawaR, the Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (Water Resources Act) and the AwSV are relevant here. The competent experts at will be happy to help you in this regard.

Legal basis

Section 63 of the Water Resources Act stipulates that a containment basin must be designed in such a way that no adverse changes of any kind can take place on water. Accordingly, only catch basins that comply with the WHG may be used. The official steel sump guideline (StawaR) specifies the requirements for liquid-tight, steel sumps with a capacity of up to 1,000 litres.

The focus in this respect is on sumps which are used for the storage of substances hazardous to water. The Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water. (AwSV) is a federal ordinance. It applies to all plant operators, specialist companies, authorities and planning companies that work with or handle substances hazardous to water.

How large must the volume of the collection tray be?

The size of a collection tray must correspond to the volume of the largest container that is to be deposited or stored on the tray. In addition, each sump must be able to hold ten percent of the total storage volume. A look at the AwSV or the Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water provides further detailed information.

For which substances is a steel sump suitable?

Solid sumps made of steel or with a galvanised or painted surface are used for the storage of flammable or water-polluting substances. We are talking about paints and oils, among others. If, on the other hand, you want to store aggressive chemicals in a sump, such as lyes or acids, our experts recommend sumps made of plastic or stainless steel.

Operator and duty of care

The operator’s duty and duty of care with regard to catch basins is anchored in the WHG and relates primarily to surface waters, coastal waters and groundwater. According to section 63 WHG, operators or users may only use catch basins that have been approved by DIBT in accordance with the StawaR. Sump trays without the appropriate approval may not be used for the storage of substances hazardous to water or flammable substances.

Choose the right steel sump tray for your needs

In’s wide range of products, you can easily find the steel drip tray that best suits the requirements and conditions in your laboratory or company. Of course, you can have the individual trays equipped with the following elements and functions, depending on your requirements:

Steel drip tray: galvanised, painted or powder-coated?

Take advantage of the professional advice of our qualified experts and find out whether a galvanised steel, painted or powder-coated collection tray is best suited to your company. Together with you, we will find the perfect collection tray.

Different volumes

Whether 60, 220 or 260 litres capacity, you can order collection trays with different volumes in our clearly structured range. Regardless of the area of application: has the right collection tray for you for every need and every requirement. We will be happy to show you the advantages of the individual models in a detailed consultation.

Steel drip tray with grating

A steel drip tray with a grid offers you a number of advantages in everyday laboratory and company life. This makes storage even safer and more efficient. With us, you can choose whether you want to order steel drip trays with grating made of plastic or galvanised material. We also have high-quality plastic pallets in our MedSolut online shop.

Forklift shoes

In a drip tray with forklift shoes you can deposit flammable and water hazardous substances safely and in accordance with regulations. To ensure that the transport from A to B within your warehouse can be carried out efficiently and properly, we offer sumps with forklift shoes that can easily be driven under with a forklift truck. This allows you to further optimise your internal logistics.

Pedestal feeder

Whether with a pallet truck or a forklift truck: When it comes to transporting the sump tray safely and flexibly from one warehouse to another as required, we recommend models with sturdy plinth feet made of corrosion-resistant materials. They are extremely stable and guarantee maximum support at all times in accordance with the load capacity of the respective sump tray.

Mobile collection trays

Some situations call for speed and efficiency. Order mobile collection trays from the MedSolut online catalogue, which offer the advantage of being able to be loaded with the storage units and transported directly if required. Intermediate transfer to other containers or to separate stacking shoes is therefore not necessary. This saves time and increases the efficiency of the work processes in your company’s warehouse.

Filling rack

If you decide to purchase a sump tray with an additional waste rack, you will benefit from decisive advantages. The pre-set storage frame with all-round upstand or protective rim is usually made of robust PE. This means that the stored goods are optimally protected against possible slipping. In addition, the tray stands firmly and securely on the ground. Drip losses are absorbed: another advantage of steel drip trays with a sump.

Requirements for steel sumps according to StawaR

The steel sump guideline is listed in the Building Rules List of the German Institute for Building Technology. It is an official technical building regulation primarily aimed at industrial and commercial storage facilities. These are the essential aspects of the StawaR:

  • A collecting basin must be liquid-tight.
  • In the case of rusting bases, it must be equipped with corrosion protection. The bottom must also be capable of being tested for corrosion.
  • It must be resistant to the substances stored in it.
  • The minimum thickness of the walls is 3 mm for steel trays and 2 mm for stainless steel models. The minimum height of such a tank is 5 cm.
  • In any case, a static proof of the hydrostatic pressure must be submitted. With regard to the load test, a safety factor of 2 must be given.

Order steel drip tray at MedSolut.

Order your steel drip tray directly on If you have any technical questions, our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you at any time. Call us or send us an e-mail at [email protected] Benefit from the excellent advice and outstanding services of our renowned online shop. How can we help you?