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For which purposes are Gestigkeit heating plates suitable?

A Gestigkeit hot plate in the laboratory can support you in your work in many ways. We can recommend Gestigkeit heating plates for the following applications, among others:

  • Gestigkeit hot plates are very important in biology. They are used, for example, to heat beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks with specific liquids or substances. Depending on the project, you can get Gestigkeit heating plates with or without an additional magnetic stirrer at
  • In chemistry, it is often a matter of bringing heating elements to temperature. Often the tempered substances have to be stirred or homogenised. Heating plates with integrated stirrer or magnetic stirrer are also suitable for this purpose, so that a magnetic stirrer can be used.
  • In microsystems technology as well as in microelectronics, Gestigkeit hotplates are used, for example, to bake photoresist layers onto wafers.

How does a Gestigkeit hot plate work?

The special feature of Gestigkeit hotplates is, among other things, the good heat-conducting aluminium alloy and the anodised, smooth surface structure. Compared to competitor products in this category, the electric long-term heating is designed in such a way that even in the edge and corner areas there is uniform temperature control.

The substance to be heated is first placed in the Erlenmeyer flask or in a beaker and placed on the heating plate. With the help of the microprocessor-controlled digital regulator, you can set the temperature as required.

Thanks to the fast-reacting flat heat sensor, the heat development is successively monitored. Each heating plate of this renowned manufacturer is additionally equipped with an electronic power regulator. With this, the heat output can be adjusted from 10 to 100 percent. This makes it possible to avoid reheating or exceeding the set temperature.

Gestigkeit heating plates in the range

Gestigkeit heating plates are available in the MedSolut Store in a variety of designs, such as with a Ceran heating bench, with thermostatic control or with a separate control. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice so that you can find the perfect hot plate from this renowned manufacturer for your laboratory, institute or company.

Tripod heating panels

Tripod heating plates from Gestigkeit are ideal for use in biology or chemistry when it comes to heating specific substances at individually adjustable temperatures. You can adjust the height of the high-quality devices as required and thus achieve precise results.

High temperature heating plates

Gestigkeit’s high temperature heating plates are designed for temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius and are characterised by a short heating time. Remarkable is the elaborate insulation, which makes it possible to place the device even on heat-sensitive surfaces without further ado. At the same time, heat loss is prevented by an insulated hinged lid device.

Precision heating plates

Gestigkeit’s excellently designed precision heating plates are equipped with an asymmetrical spiral heating system and a heat exchanger . In this way, a continuous power adjustment can be made. This also guarantees an even better distribution of the heat over the entire heating surface.

Table girdle

Gestigkeit tabletop heaters are mobile and can be taken out and set up when needed. They are ideal for carrying out tests, experiments and investigations with smaller sample quantities. In addition, Gestigkeit benchtop heaters are adjustable in height and can be stacked on top of each other depending on the unit. An aspect that is extremely helpful for carrying out several series of experiments in parallel.

Built-in device

A built-in heating plate is embedded in a stainless steel frame and mounted on a stainless steel housing. This is insulated on the inside and thus offers optimum thermal protection. Conveniently, the electrical connections between the heating plate and the control housing are protected by flexible metal hoses. Temperatures of up to 500 degrees can be achieved after a heating time of up to 10 minutes.

Choose the right heating plate for your needs

The selection of heating plates from Gestigkeit in the MedSolut range is comprehensive. Contact us if you need individual advice on the most important criteria for selecting the right heating plate. For which areas and projects do you need a Gestigkeit heating plate?

Tripod heating panels

Tripod heating panels from Gestigkeit have an infinitely variable temperature control. Thanks to their very solid design, they are perfectly suited for carrying out tests and examinations in continuous operation. For maximum user comfort, the heating plate is made of grey cast iron and has an expansion recess. This allows it to be clamped in the stand even under high pressure.

High temperature heating plates

Gestigkeit high-performance heating plates for temperatures up to 500 or 600 degrees only need about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the desired temperature. The higher the possible temperature level, the more complex the insulation design.

This allows you to position the units even on heat-sensitive surfaces. Talk to us about the integrated programme controls which, among other things, make it possible to set specific heating, cooling and holding phases as required.Heating plates with and without cooling

Depending on the processes you are working on and the working temperatures you require, we will also calculate the ideal performance data for you for heating platens with and without cooling modules. We are happy to be there for you as early as the design phase, because it is important to us to always create the perfect solutions for your laboratory or institute.

Heating plates from Harry Gestigkeit GmbH

The Harry Gestigkeit company was founded in 1953. Quality-conscious laboratory, institute and company customers have always appreciated the excellent product quality and the outstanding service offered by this manufacturer. The product range is extremely diverse and extends from heating plates to multi-purpose heaters to sandblowers.

The experienced team of developers at Geistigkeit has already designed more than 120 different types of instruments for laboratories and institutes. The innovations are now exported worldwide. From the very beginning, the focus has been on the design, manufacture and distribution of durable, high-performance and highly functional equipment with a highly durable finish.

The precise temperature settings also emphasise the value of the range. In addition, the heating plates of this internationally renowned manufacturer are even ideally suited for use in continuous operation.

Order Gestigkeit heating plates of your choice from MedSolut

Do you need professional support in selecting the perfect Gestigkeit heating plates for your laboratory, institute or company? Then we look forward to hearing from you by telephone or e-mail at [email protected] We are here to help you. Contact our team of professionals right away.