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A clean work area thanks to the Spetec Clean room cell

The Spetec Clean room cell ensures that your working area remains free of dust and particles. Spetec instruments are characterised by an extremely high level of robustness and an excellent coating of antimicrobial, corrosion-resistant surfaces. This is the only way to ensure that you and your employees are optimally protected.

The cleanroom equipment as well as mouthguards and gloves from Spetec, contribute significantly to keeping the concentration of tiny particles in your cleanroom as low as possible. Spetec: High-quality pure space equipment for your work area For many years a multiplicity of our customers already trusts the pure space equipment of the mark manufacturer Spetec.
Even the tiniest fragments of particles dispersed in the ambient air would hinder certain work processes. Thus it is particularly relevant that you examine your pure areas regularly for dust liberty as well as impurities. The model from Spetec supports you in this! Discover the details:

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