The photoLab S 6 from WTW

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Our customers, who work in a wide variety of fields, praise the precision of WTW models.
Thanks to the good dimensions, this measuring instrument can also be flexibly integrated in your laboratory or workroom.

Easy operation and accurate analysis

The instrument can also be used by your staff without much training due to its uncomplicated handling. All important instructions can be obtained in the shortest possible time from the enclosed description. In addition, our MedSolut team is always available for a short start-up help. Just contact us!

Thanks to their handy design, WTW filter photometers are particularly suitable for mobile tasks. State-of-the-art technology paired with optimal timings guarantee ideal precision and the prerequisites for 1A trace analyses. Routine tasks are fun! Insert the cuvette, read the measured value and you’re done: With WTW analytical instruments, everything is done in an extremely time- and cost-saving manner. In addition, most instruments also cover precise results in working areas such as drinking water or food or environmental analysis.

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Analytical device

filter photometer, Filterphotometer