Discover the SL500-232 analytical instrument from WTW

In our portfolio you will find a wide range of analytical instruments, which are used in the most versatile fields of application.

The new technology of the SL500-232 helps you to obtain extremely accurate analyses and very high quality results.
Thanks to the good dimensions, this measuring instrument can also be integrated wonderfully into your laboratory or work environment.

Get precise measurement results

Get started immediately! The handling of the SL500-232 is very simple and can therefore be used without a complex introduction program. All relevant functions and settings can be found in the respective manual within a few minutes. Otherwise, our team of qualified specialists is at your disposal for a short introduction around the clock. Just contact us!

You can find out even more about our products, the versatile instruments or the brand manufacturer from our customer advisor!

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Our qualified team of consultants will ensure that you receive the optimal materials for your work area. Do you have questions about our various analytical instruments, their features or their brand manufacturers?

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