WLD-TEC laboratory gas burner Gasprofi 1 SCS micro


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The right choice with the Gasprofi 1 SCS micro

Burners from our online catalogue, such as those from WLD-TEC, can be found in many areas of application. Whether chemistry, biotechnology or microbiology: All laboratories and research institutions rely on the devices.

The Gasprofi 1 SCS micro: Highest standard, safety and functionality

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Of course, we certainly offer you the possibility to order spare parts or various accessories from us if required. Our team will be happy to help you make the right decision. Type: Other
Gas type: natural gas, propane/butane gas, II2ELL3B/P: natural gas E/LL, 18 – 25 mbar, liquid gas, 20 – 50 mbar
Connected load: 70 g/h, 70 g/h LPG, 95 l/h natural gas (LL)
Width: 85 mm
Depth: 86 mm
Burner head: removable and demountable, stainless steel
Flame temperature: liquid gas: 1350 °C / natural gas (E): 1300 °C
Gas connection: 1/4” left with gas inlet filter
Safety Control System: ignition, flame and temperature monitoring
automatic device switch-off, 4 h
dimensions: 85 x 49 x 86 mm

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Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Construction (gas burner)

other, Sonstige

Flame temperature

Flüssiggas: 1350 °C / Erdgas (E): 1300 °C, liquid gas: 1350 °C / natural gas (E): 1300 °C


Microprocessor, Microprozessor


Start-Stop mit Überwachungstimer, 60 min, Start-Stop with timer, 60 min

Switching power supply

100 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz / max. 0.3 A 9 V DC / 1 A

Safety Control System with gas safety cut off

ignition and flame control temperature monitor automatic unit switch off, 4 h

Residual heat display

indicates a hot burner head, Warnung vor heißem Brennerkopf

Temperature threshold level

1,0 kW Flüssiggas, 1,0 kW Erdgas, 1.0 kW liquid gas, 1.0 kW natural gas

Power consumption

2 VA

IR Sensor

Start-Stop with timer, 60 min Auto-Off with learn function, 1 sec – 60 min


700 g

Casing and operating controls

Edelstahl und Glas, UV- und lösungsmittelbeständig, abflammbar, stainless steel / glass, UV and solvent resistant, flame-sterilizable

Gas connection

1/4'' left with gas filter, 1/4'' links mit Gaseingangsfilter

Foot pedal

Standard (flame during pressed foot pedal) , Start-Stop with timer, 60 min, Standard (Flamme bei gedrücktem Fußpedal) , Start-Stop mit Überwachungstimer, 60 min

EEC guidelines

2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EG, 2006/95/EG

Gas types

Erdgas, II2ELL3B/P: Erdgas E/LL, 18 – 25 mbar, Flüssiggas, 20 – 50 mbar, II2ELL3B/P: natural gas E/LL, 18 – 25 mbar, liquid gas, 20 – 50 mbar, Propan-/Butangas

IR-Sensor detection range

35 – 70 mm, adjustable, 35 – 70 mm, einstellbar

DoubleClick IR Sensor

time range 1 sec, Zeitspanne 1 sec




EN 61326-1, EN 61010

Cover of burner shaft

Ø 23 mm, mit Ablaufbohrungen, Ø 23 mm, with drains

Burner Head Control (BHC)

burner head clogging and assembly monitor, Verschmutzungs- und Montageüberwachung des Brennerkopfes

Burner head

abnehmbar und zerlegbar, Edelstahl

Depth (gas burner)

86 mm

Height (gas burner)

49 mm

Width (gas burner)

85 mm

Connected load (gas burner)

70 g/h, 70 g/h Flüssiggas, 95 l/h Erdgas (LL), 70 g/h liquid gas, 95 l/h natural gas (LL)

Measurements (w x h x d) (gas burner)

85 x 49 x 86 mm