Systec MediaPrep media preparators for up to 30 litres

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The autoclaves from our manufacturers CertoClav, Fedegari, HMC-Europe, SANOclav, SHP Steriltechnik, Systec, Tuttnauer or WITEG Labortechnik are mainly used in development, research or industrial facilities and also in production.

For a wide range of applications: With Systec’s MediaPrep you are choosing a reliable all-round solution that is ideally suited for efficient sterilization, nutrient media preparation, waste sterilization and other applications.

Highly efficient and economical

The Systec autoclaves not only look different, they are! Developed for the special sterilisation tasks in the laboratory, they make process sequences safe, accurate, reproducible and validatable.

Important properties: Autoclaves from Systec

  • Up to 100 different sterilisation programmes depending on the model
  • Special program for destruction sterilization
  • Housing and support frame made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Exchangeable cuvette container
  • Rapid heating
  • Air Compressor
  • The medium cannot foam over
  • Safety closure
  • Depends on model: Filler neck
  • Depending on model:Fixed screw connection for filling adapter
  • Depending on model: Multifunction pump Dosierfix for high precision and speed
  • Automatic hose valve
  • F0 value calculation
  • Touch screen operation depending on model
  • Optional: SD card slot for data backup
  • Optional: PC software for comprehensive documentation
  • Optional: exhaust air filtration
  • Optional: rapid recooling
  • Optional: Extension of the temperature and pressure range

Dimensions and article information about the device

Design: vertical, media preparator

Even more about our products, the various versions or the brand manufacturer, our customer service will explain to you.

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