SHP Steriltechnik Laboratory Autoclave LABOKLAV 55 Series

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The autoclaves from our manufacturers CertoClav, Fedegari, HMC-Europe, SANOclav, SHP Steriltechnik, Systec, Tuttnauer and WITEG Labortechnik are mainly used in development, research or industrial facilities and also in production.

It covers a wide range of applications: With the LABOKLAV 55 from SHP Steriltechnik you are choosing a reliable all-round solution that is suitable for efficient sterilisation, nutrient media preparation, waste sterilisation and other applications.

Compact, fast and energy efficient

All autoclaves from SHP Steriltechnik work according to the principle of the well-known steam sterilisation and are characterised by advanced technical features. For example, you can choose from various chamber sizes, use the various installation options as a stand-alone or table-top unit and have access to additional accessories that meet your requirements. Conventional areas of expertise of the LABOKLAV 55 from SHP Steriltechnik are countless microbiological laboratories in universities, research institutes, in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as destruction sterilization, especially in medical diagnostics laboratories.

What makes the model convincing

  • Sterilization is suitable for: liquids, solids and waste
  • Various chamber sizes
  • Suitable as a tabletop and floor standing device
  • Comprehensive equipment options
  • For all laboratory work, from simple to sophisticated
  • Comfortable operation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Safe and validatable processes
  • High quality standards & Made in Germany
  • Effective and fast recooling system
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Venting by means of pre-vacuum
  • Filter elements with manufacturer certificate
  • Color selection possible
  • Further individualisation options
  • TÜV-tested
  • Has a series approval
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EU
  • DIN 58950: Sterilization – Steam sterilizers for pharmaceutical and laboratory sterilized goods
  • DIN 58951: Sterilization
  • IQ / OQ / PQ / DQ
  • Technical support by trained and authorized service technicians

More information about your device

Design: horizontal, vertical

volume: 55 l

Maximum temperature: 135°C

Maximum pressure: 2, 8 bar

Chamber diameter: 410 mm

width: 740 mm

depth: 600 mm, 765 mm

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Additional information

Weight 135 kg

horizontal, vertical, vertikal

Temperature max. (autoclave)


Pressure max. (autoclave)

2,8 bar, 2.8 bar

Diameter of vessel

410 mm

Height or depth of vessel

460 mm

Width (autoclave)

740 mm

Depth (autoclave)

600 mm, 765 mm

Height (autoclave)

600 mm, 765 mm

Volume (autoclave)

55 l

Power (autoclave)

6,0 kW, 6.0 kW