PHOENIX Instrument LF laboratory instruments EC-31 cond / EC-36 cond



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The EC-31/36cond from PHOENIX Instrument

Whether in the pharmaceutical, food or beverage industry: The analytical tools of our renowned brand manufacturers are used in the most diverse industries.

The innovative technology of the EC-31/36cond helps you to make extremely precise measurements and obtain very qualitative results.
Thanks to its practical dimensions, this instrument can also be easily integrated into your laboratory or work environment.

Easy operation and increased efficiency

Just get started! The EC-31/36cond is extremely easy to use and can therefore be used without extensive onboarding. All useful application instructions can easily be found in the respective user manual. Alternatively, our team of expert service personnel is always available for a brief introduction. Simply contact us for this!

Humidity meters such as the EC-31/36cond are characterised by the fact that they record humidity data in a few seconds and send it to the system. The small meter can be easily stored in your pocket and can be taken anywhere without any problems. The measurement results can be transferred to a tool on your PC.

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LF measuring device, LF-Messgerät