Nabertherm Compact Tube Furnace RD Series

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The Nabertherm RD Compact Tube Furnace for Routine Laboratory Work

For more than seven decades, equipment from Nabertherm has been the ideal choice for many of our customers and partners when it comes to laboratory furnaces for a wide variety of work areas. The company stands for innovative control, regulation and automation technology, which is adapted to customer needs. The products are promised a long service life.

The Nabertherm compact tube furnace from the RD series has been awarded the"100% Best Price Guaranteed" seal and is a testament to high quality made in Germany. The versatile furnace is intended, among other things, for use in laboratories.

This model series is particularly convincing due to its low weight, compact design and unbeatable price/performance ratio. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Control, connection and protection of the RD

The device was designed for horizontal use and has an integrated switch and control system for easy handling. In addition, there is a single-phase electrical connection on the unit.

Only insulation materials without classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP) are used. Thus, no aluminum silicate wool or RCF fiber is used, which is classified as possibly carcinogenic.

The RD model range in comparison

The RD tube furnaces differ in their maximum temperature and the time they take to reach the maximum temperature. You can choose from the following models:

  • The RD 30/200/11 model reaches a temperature of 1100 °C (Tmax) and is equipped with the K-type thermocouple. The temperature of the RD 30/200/13 is 1300°C. This model has the thermocouple type S.
  • Model RD 30/200/11 has a warm-up time of 20 minutes to reach the maximum temperature, RD 30/200/13 needs 25 minutes to reach the maximum temperature.

High quality design and efficient interior

The double-walled housing made of stainless steel textured sheet protects against high external temperatures on the one hand, while guaranteeing high stability on the other. The model comes standard with a ceramic working tube (C 530 material) and two fiber plugs for outdoor use.

The device has a working tube, which is a component of the furnace heating and at the same time acts as a support for the heating wires. The heating wires wound around the tube provide high heating rates. These features contribute to the fast and practical use of the device.

Optimal controlling

The heating with semiconductor terrais ensures a quiet and therefore pleasant operation. Furthermore, the NTLog Basic for Nabertherm Controller R7 with storable holding temperature makes it possible to record process data with a USB stick.NTLog allows the recording of process data of the connected Nabertherm controller on a USB stick. No sensors or thermocouples are required for process documentation.

Instead, only the data that is available in the controller is recorded. The data is stored on the USB stick and can then be evaluated on the PC either via NTGraph or via a customer-supplied spreadsheet program (such as Excel) . To protect against unintentional data manipulation, the generated data sets contain checksums.

In addition, process control and documentation is possible via the VCD software package as an optional extra. The use of alternative controllers is also possible.

Notes on safe use

In continuous operation, the maximum temperature should be 50 °C below the specified maximum temperature of the furnace.

For a desired protective gas atmosphere, a separate working tube with a gas supply package should be inserted into the working tube, which can be purchased as optional equipment. This is a gas supply package for operation under non-flammable protective or reaction gases.

A temperature selector limiter with adjustable cut-off temperature for thermal protection class 2 according to EN 60519-2 is available as additional equipment. This serves as overtemperature protection.

Please refer to the operating instructions for proper use.

The technical details at a glance

The technical details provide a precise overview of the functions of the device. This enables you to assess whether the device meets your requirements. Here are all the important data summarized for you.

The external dimensions of this model are 350 mm x 350 mm x 200 mm , making it compact enough to fit into any workspace. The inner tube diameter is 30 mm long, and the heated length is 200 mm. The device has an energy consumption of 1.5 kW. The weight without packaging is 12 kg. The maximum temperature is 1100 °C -1300 °C depending on the model.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Oven temperature max.

1100°C, 1300°C

Stove appliance type

Rohrofen, tube furnace

Power (oven)

1,5 kW, 15 kW

Width outside (oven)

350 mm

Height outside (oven)

350 mm

Depth outside (oven)

200 mm

Pipe diameter (inside)

30 mm

Heated length

200 mm