MLT Vacuum Controller PVK-700

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PVK-700 from MLT AG: Reliable and safe control of vacuum applications

The longevity of uncontrolled vacuum diaphragm pumps can be significantly extended by using a vacuum controller. This switches off the pump as soon as no vacuum is required, thus preventing continuous operation of the pump unit.

Safe or controlled work with vacuum in the laboratory is becoming increasingly relevant. With the PVK-700 you keep track of all important changes. It provides you with the function to control, measure and monitor the process.

Depending on the type, the controllers from MLT AG come with a pressure sensor that guarantees chemical resistance and long-term stability and can cover the measuring range from 1200 mbar to 1 mbar. In addition, the devices are characterized by their very simple control, customizable programming of the control units or memory options.

The practical tool PVK-700 weighs approx. 1.7 kg. Thus it can be used flexibly at the workplace and even guarantees mobile working.

Areas of application for the PVK-700

The vacuum controller from MLT AG is suitable for the following tasks, for example:

  • the vacuum evaporation
  • drying in a vacuum drying oven, rotary evaporator or desiccator
  • the distillative separation of solvents
  • or filtering, evacuating and concentrating.

You can ask our expert team for more information about the features of the PVK-700 at any time.

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Weight 1.7 kg