Ludwig Schneider hydrometer nitric acid

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Our wide range of analytical instruments will benefit you in a number of applications.

Our customers from a wide range of industries rely on the precision of Ludwig Schneider models.
The compact dimensions guarantee safe storage in the laboratory environment, so you don’t have to do without additional workspace.

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Time pressure? Thanks to the uncomplicated handling, the instrument can be started and then used without lengthy training. All relevant functions and settings can be found in the respective manual in just a few minutes. If the worst comes to the worst, our team of consultants is always on hand to provide brief start-up assistance. Simply contact us!

The hydrometers from our brand manufacturer are now used in many industries. They belong to the density measuring instruments and determine exactly the density of numerous liquids, such as must, mineral oils, salt water or alcohol. Depending on the main function, the devices also differ in their design, e.g. in terms of size and length, the material (e.g. glass) and the accuracy and type of measurement. We will be happy to advise you in detail at any time on which is the optimum hydrometer for your laboratory area.

You can find out even more about our instruments, the different instruments or our brand manufacturers from our service team.

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Weight 1.3 kg

Präzisions-Aräometer, Precision hydrometer

Analytical device

Aräometer, Areometer